Check out my new game Omega Mega.

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  1. uryuu says:

    Your game is great!!! :)
    For better input sound or music too.

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  2. The Evil E says:

    IT’S AWESOME!! I love the massive battles between Purple and Green. It would be good if I could be in the battle. More colors would be SSOOO cool. Red V.S. Blue V.S. Purple V.S. Green V.S. White V.S. Black. I can just see it. Weapon, Armour, Speed and (The best of all) Design Upgrades.

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  3. Dragon1357 says:

    And finally the artefacts in BMWS (both their mysterious falling from the sky and their sudden bursts of energy when saved or destroyed) are explained in their entirety! No wonder I want to save them so badly!

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  4. DJ-Bnw says:


    Yes. The origin of the mysterious power crystals explained

    Hes just being lazy and replicates them in this mini-game/project



    Cheers !! 8D

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  5. Thambark says:

    I am a great fan of your games and i just played your new game and thought that i could come up with some critisism and suggestions.

    First of all some negative critisism

    the red graphic – i think it would be fine if you replace it with some kind of rock or meteroid texture or a misty texture, but in my eyes it seems lifeless without any texture.
    awkward looking planets in the backround –
    make some higher resoluted texture for them and they will be fine.

    every level is played the same way, why not differ in the task/quest you give to the player, like you did in BMWS ?

    nothing to criticize so far

    positiv critique

    fancy space backround
    nice spaceships (especially the npcs look nice)

    regenerating energy shield – feels comfortable
    battle between the factions – that is awesome!
    the explosion at the end is enjoyable

    it’s ok for a beta

    This game is fun to play for some minutes and seems to have potential to me.

    some general suggestions:
    I don’t know if it’s welcome, but I do have some ideas to share with you, what you could add to the game:

    It anyones me not to be able to shoot your way through the red mist or enemies, but that you have to avoid every contact. You may give the space ship a laser or rocket to be able to defend yourself against all enemy fools and that nasty mist or whatever it is! :p
    Maybe you could also/or install a gadget that lets yourself temporaly slide/cut through the red mist ?

    Another thing is that it would be neat if you could implement meteroids that come flying from the top of the screen to the bottom or diagonal, which, on hit, may cause serious damage to the spaceship.
    This would increase the action (:

    Moreover you could implement a little guardian – it could be a little spaceship that swirls around your own and shoots some little lazors at intruding enemies (inceptor style, sc, if you know what i mean xd) and can be picked up as an item

    Implement a function to colour your spaceship the way that you want ๐Ÿ˜€

    PLEASE implement a player faction. It would be very awesome if it would battle along with the other factions.

    Theirfor i also have a concrete suggestion: Add a new resource (like scrap metal flying through space) or a source (some kind of space ore). If you collect it:
    1. create a hangar (you will need a place where you can build spaceships, right?)
    2. Decide with a key what kind of spaceship your hangar will spawn. (you could implement a few spaceship types, from supporters to attackers or take some from your game space combat simulation)
    3. Buy upgrades – with upgrades you could gain new spaceships or improve your hangar (it should be destroyable)
    This could come along with a new mode of play: skirmish
    It can be seen more like a strategy style of game but with quick resource collecting and ambushes towards the enemy.
    Or you just implement it along with some of the other features i suggested to the existing game mode :)

    general question:

    Does the highscore function yet ? The game seems to register my name, but after a finished level it still says captain anon, lolz.

    Thank you for reading my comment.
    Btw I can offer you to provide some kind of music for the game (spacey :P). If you like, contact me via my youtube account or e-mail.
    Also feel free to check out my latest project


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  6. mauricio says:

    lol , BIG big BIG TeStAmEnT!!!

    the game sounds good , very good , try launch the atack in the center of the map , kabum , all enemys destroyed.

    ps: im wonder if jason havenยดt egnout time for the winter storm upgrades

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  7. pie113 says:

    Great game and idea needs guns on your ship for protection from other ships

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  8. mauricio says:

    and good testament Thambark , more likes anyone wil dye and whant to give all the worlds money (too too big)

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  9. Thambark says:

    @ mauricio
    Sorry what ? I really don’t understand what you want to state with your comment. Explain yourself :p

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  10. Aaron says:

    what ever happened to that other space game you made? you should work on it

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    • Yeah, what happened to that space game?

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      • The Evil E says:

        The space game was SSOOO awesome. I loved it so much that I sent an E-mail to James to tell him my suggestions. One of my favorite games of Lostvectors. !00% Agrea that you should work on The other space game and give it a new name. I think it is still called Space Battle Exercise 001.

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  11. mauricio says:

    the “big big testament” , its , normaly , wen anyone wil die , and have much things , he have to write a testament , to give the valors to other peapol , this mean , what you write , looks like a testament , its too big ,,, got it ???

    007 in action , 1 day after , 007 fire , 1 mouth next , 007 have no money , 1 year after , 007 , is , is , is death

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  12. Thambark says:

    Yeah understood ^^. Instead you could have written tl;dr ๐Ÿ˜€

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  13. Nhat82 says:


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  14. uryuu says:

    winter storm update plzzzzzz……….

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