Bowmaster Winter Storm Beta Update

New Upgrades! Now featuring elemental blast-wave spells! These are similar to the wave spells in Bowmaster Prelude except they now behave differently when in-air or on-ground. For example, when the Earth-Wave arrow hits the ground the earth cracks open and spires of rock burst up, damaging any enemies standing in the area, but when the Earth-Wave arrow is detonated above ground a rift of Earth energy is summoned that explodes into several boulders that damage all enemies in their path. Check out the new wave spells!


Shrapnel, Bomb, Earth, Flame, and Ice wave spells added.

Changed the name of the Wind Arrow to Electro Arrow.

Electro Arrow now causes a minor chain-lighting effect that is similar but less powerful than the Mage’s Chain Lightning arrow.

Mage’s Chain Lightning changed to do burst damage instead of damage-over-time and the arch range has been increased.

Earth Arrow now causes a burst of rocks to explode out on impact that do damage to any objects they collide with.

Added sound effect and additional explosion animation for Fire Bomb.

Removed the deflect capability of the Skeleton Giant’s weapon.

Improved damage Pop-up text that is easier to see and is now color coded to show what kind of damage was inflicted.


Fixed bug that caused flames to get stuck in air when they should have been stuck to an object.

Fixed bug that caused pierce arrows to go through buildings.

Fixed issue that caused the Giant Skeleton warrior to attack enemies that were out of range.

Fixed issue that caused arrows to pass through the necks of certain grunt units without doing any damage.

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39 Responses to Bowmaster Winter Storm Beta Update

  1. zarkiller says:

    super update, but i understand it like this. the red colour=darkness dmg. whitch means that right now only light arrows dmg exstra against the ground opponents?? if you look on it elementally? because i don’t see an enemy except dragons that attack with fire ice and poison= earth and wind/lightning arrows are useless??

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    • Jason says:

      Basic non elemental damage is white with black outlines for the good team and red with black outlines for the bad team. Neutral damage is gray with black outlines. As for any other types of colored text you might see that usually indicates some elemental damage of some sort (usually without a black outline around the color of the text).

      I may still need to do some tweaking with the color text system (like a way to distinguish good team elemental damage from bad team elemental damage).

      I wouldn’t count out the electro arrow (used to be wind arrow). I’ve given this arrow a minor chain lightning ability so against groups of enemies this can do extra damage. Also, the earth arrow has been improved and is great for squashing fast moving spiders.

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  2. rexwolf2 says:

    Hey, I don’t know exactly how this happened but I shot a bundle of flame arrows into the evil castle, and so they were burning on the side. Then, I shot a bomb arrow. It connected with the castle right where the flames were, and a bunch of black shapes fell down onto the ground with the damage numbers

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  3. CarnageX says:

    Found a bug:
    TypeError: Error #1009: Cannot access a property or method of a null object reference.
    at lostvectors.bm2.code::Bolt/inflictLightingDamage()
    at lostvectors.bm2.code::Bolt/step()
    at lostvectors.bm2.code::LevelManager/stepObjects()
    at lostvectors.bm2.code::LevelManager/stepFrame()

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    • Jason says:

      I’ll do more testing with the chain lighting and electro arrows. Do you remember what circumstance caused this error to occur? I should be able to fix the issue based on the code you provided so thanks again for helping with the debug flash player!

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  4. adamrambo says:

    oh yeah,that was a big update.but jason,you can do a cure wave,poison wave and a shock wave too!and please,do a ice wacky bomb!

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  5. adamrambo says:

    please,do a ice wacky bomb!


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  6. keiran says:

    im not sure about you guys, but my browser has yet to show any signs of an update, or is this a future update?

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    • Jason says:

      I notice that google chrome caches the swf files in such a way that new files don’t always load. If someone knows of a work around that doesn’t involve completely erasing the browser cache from chrome then let us know. I’ll have to research this more — removing the cache should get it to work though if you’re comfortable doing that.

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  7. iarilo says:

    ehm…I can’t use the buttons to make the game screen smaller on google chrome…

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    • Jason says:

      Yeah, those buttons don’t really work in chrome it seems. However, with these fancy new browsers there’s usually a way to zoom/scale the entire page content (including text) by using the mouse scroll wheel by holding down CTRL then scroll.

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  8. Iakhovas says:

    awesome update

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  9. Iakhovas says:

    might i suggest a change in the earth wave air explosion? instead of having it charge then explode everywhere, you could have it charge, then smash the giant ball into the ground causing direct impact damage to units, also knock back/shockwave damage.

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  10. keiran says:

    Ah, just discovered that firefox can run it! also if i wait for a really long time, as in 20 mins, the game will load on safari.

    all good xD

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  11. N-Raptor says:


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  12. just me says:

    i mostly rely on my troops for support, could the next update have more troops you can purchase? like the Enif units such as dragon and skeleton with huge sword? that would be great!

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  13. adamrambo says:

    HOLY SHIT!the new updates consumed all my 99,978 vetolars!shit!

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  14. Unknown Fan says:

    SKILL SLOTS! I don’t want to go to the menu so that I can change the skills everytime I need a different one!

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  15. iarilo says:

    Why are the units taking damage from fire wave arrow, while they don’t take any damage from the fire arrow?

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  16. iarilo says:

    I mean..If you shoot the fire arrow on the ground, the units don’t take any damage, but the fire wave arrow…

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  17. CarnageX says:

    Well for one, its probably a bug and dont get to bent out of shape. Two, how far away are you enemys from you?

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  18. CarnageX says:

    Sorry i mean *Friendlys* 😀

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  19. iarilo says:

    I’m talking about physics 😀
    I don’t mean my units take damage from my arrows…
    I mean, if you just shoot the fire arrow on the ground(!), nothing happens…Just an animation, but no damage.

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    • Jason says:

      I might change it so even when the fire arrow hits the ground it makes a bigger flame. Right now it’s only if you hit a unit (and hitting the ground is like a miss — unlike the flame wave).

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  20. Hi,

    Someone please do a hacked version of Bowmaster winter storm Beta on Arcadeprehacks, like money hack and cool down times hack, like loads of gold and no cool down times for arrows.

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    • RoarFury says:

      lol wow perfect place to ask for a hacked version: right on that game’s forum

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      • Jason says:

        ::chuckles:: :) Yeah, maybe he means “someone” like the way a spouse might say to their spouse “_someone_ really needs to get off their butt and take out the trash”

        So in response to Bowmaster Fan I would say, ‘someone’ really needs to get off their butt and finish developing the game… So… yeah… Any takers? Hey, whadya looking at me for?

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  21. keiran says:

    Hum, I’ve just been playing around with all of the basic elemental arrows ( they are all great! ) but i had just noticed that when you fire the earth arrow the normal stuff happens a Ok, but what i do notice is that the boulders that spawn from the arrow don’t really stick around for all that long…

    i just thought that it could be a good idea to make them stay for a little longer, because once i tried to create an avalanche and it kinda failed… xD they all disappeared before they could hit anything.

    Ty for reading

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  22. Iakhovas says:

    the electro arrow steals all of the mages chain lightning’s thunder (nice play on words, thank you), the chain lightning should just acts like a bomb arrow, that when you hit f, a cloud appears raining down lightning over a concentrated area over an extended period of time. or, a giant static ball that paralyzes all unit in the radius for a little while. let me know what you think

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  23. Tewqaz says:

    I used the firestorm arrow on a building, and the flames thats spins become invisible when they move to one of the sides (the one I hit it from) and reappears again when moving closer, like a curtain of invisibility is hanging there hiding them. And when I open the spellbook, and tries to read the description, it is partly hidden behind the archer volley and catapult strike (have yet to buy the trebuchet)
    And whenever I start, I have to play one level, before I can browse buy.

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  24. adamrambo says:

    please jason,do a ice wacky bomb!or a poison wacky bomb,or other type of wacky bomb,but please,DO IT!

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  25. Just an idea to add to the hunter classes spike trap arrow thingy
    Impaling cage: if an enemy such as a dragon is hit directly the spikes automatically maneuver to make a cage, and then shoot out to impale the enemy – does not work with the golden spike type.

    i could see this glitching quite easily but it doesnt seem too hard to do, but i aint no game dev so hell if i know. nice updates btw.

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  26. Austin.T.DOUCET says:

    OK, so a few weeks ago, my computer (a windows vista premium) succumbed to a nasty virus combination Internet Security 2012 and the iexplore.exe virus which infiltrated and corrupted multiple files, shut down my firewall and corrupted my McAfee antivirus software and pretty much ended that computer. I actually managed to get in my system long enough to reformat and return the entire computer to factory specs, and as we all know, erased everything in the process. Now, the point of this story is, is that I had previously had a very accomplished profile on Bowmaster, and I had also created and saved that profile online. But, I also copied it to the offline tab as well. If it was saved online exclusively, I would have no doubt i would still have that profile. But, since I also imported to the offline tab, did automatically make the profile susceptible to being erased when I restored my computer? Just wondering, cuz I was a little pissed off.

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  27. paulo says:

    E muito bom esse jogo eu passei de estagio umas 10 vezes e muito bom esse jogo

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