Bowmaster Winter Storm Beta Update

This update fixes some issues with previous Friday’s release along with adding cool new upgrades. One of the major issues with adding damage-over-time is that it is more challenging to balance than single instance damage. The developer must consider duration and frequency as well as magnitude of the effect per tick. The initial release had some major balance problems, namely if your character was hit with a poison glob it would it would mean certain (eventual) death. You could counter this with the Fairy Bomb but the game needed a better solution. Hence, the “Blast” series of elemental upgrades was developed. These are low powered elemental bomb-like arrows that cause elemental shockwaves. These are mostly to serve as defensive abilities since the damage-per-mana-cost should be prohibitive for attacking. Nevertheless they may be useful against groups of elementally weak units. However, the true advantage to these new skills is to clear away pesky reactive objects that are causing damage to you or your allies. So let’s say a Trebuchet landed a fire bomb right on top of the cottages you’re trying to protect. Now the cottages are on fire. What do you do? WHAT DO YOU DO!?!? Easy, just hit the homes with a Frost Blast arrow. Problem solved. Have an annoying glob of poisonous ooze stuck to your face? Have no fear. Just shoot a Cure Blast arrow at your feet and PoOF! – no more oozy face and your pours never looked so good. These blast bombs are the genuine article. Step right up, don’t be shy. Hurry while supplies last!

With your purchase includes (at no additional cost!) detonate-on-command-ability. Simply press ‘F’ while a blast bomb arrow is in air to detonate it. This technique is essential for demonstrating the blast bomb’s other important defensive trait: the ability to destroy incoming elemental projectiles. This is very useful against incoming fire, ice, and poison dragon ball attacks. If you collect all elemental blast bomb skills you’ll have the opportunity to purchase the Omni Blast skill which is infused with all magic of all elemental types and can be useful for defending against multiple types of elemental attacks at once.

As an added bonus, normal elemental arrows now also have the ability to cancel the effects of elemental entities. If there’s just a single flame threatening a single cottage and you have the Ice Arrow skill then just use that to put out the fire. You’ll need to experiment to see what’s more mana-cost effective, but at least now you have options.

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8 Responses to Bowmaster Winter Storm Beta Update

  1. CarnageX says:

    I hit a cluster of enemys with the bomb arrow and heres the code i got:

    Error: Error #1502: A script has executed for longer than the default timeout period of 15 seconds.
    at lostvectors.bm2.code::TextGridManager/getNextFreeCell()
    at lostvectors.bm2.code::TextGridManager/addAnimationClip()
    at lostvectors.bm2.code::LevelManager/smartDamagePopup()
    at lostvectors.bm2.code::Explosion/impact()
    at lostvectors.bm2.code::Explosion/checkTargetHit()
    at lostvectors.bm2.code::Explosion/checkHits()
    at lostvectors.bm2.code::Explosion/step()
    at lostvectors.bm2.code::LevelManager/stepObjects()
    at lostvectors.bm2.code::LevelManager/stepFrame()

    It froze with that happened then that error popped up then it continued but i got an error code imma give it to ya ahahah
    hope this helps, later….

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  2. CarnageX says:

    I got another one on a victory:

    Error: listener not found: phase: 3, m_id1257 dispatcher: null, event: null, location:
    at lostvectors.bm2.code::EventManager$/removeListenerByObject()
    at lostvectors.bm2.code.ui::SliderBar/destroy()
    at lostvectors.bm2.code.ui::LowerUi/destroy()
    at lostvectors.bm2.code::LevelManager/destroyWindow()
    at lostvectors.bm2.code::GameApp/removeCurrentWindow()
    at lostvectors.bm2.code::GameApp/loadVictoryStats()
    at lostvectors.bm2.code::LevelManager/stepVictoryTimer()

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  3. Jason says:

    Thank so much CarnageX! Thanks for installing the Flash debug player. This information will make it much easier to fix the problems. And it looks like you may have discovered the cause of the infamous “frozen victory banner” bug. Sorry about these bugs. Hopefully I’ll be able to get these bugs fixed right away.

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  4. CarnageX says:

    No problem, thats the first time i have had the frozen victory lol
    The bugs arent your fault, it just happens ahah.
    Anything i can do to help out im all for it 😀
    Thank you for actually calling me CarnageX, most people just call me Carnage ahahah.
    Good luck with the codes 😀

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  5. Sicaul116 says:

    Hey Jason I have found a bug. When a enemy pikeman is the last man standing he stands off the screen. Just letting you know.

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  6. CarnageX says:

    Yeah that happen to me once, just shoot bomb type arrows at the edge and he will either die or walk forward.
    I also have something about the bounty’s, ever since i hit level 50, which btw are getting tough ahaha, the bounty’s im getting are only 500 each time and before i got to 50 i was 6k and 8k
    heres a picture

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  7. Julun says:

    i found out that if u use the shoe bomb u can redirect the the shot maybe it should bounce and hit our enemys just a thought

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  8. CarnageX says:

    Do you mean like the “Wacky Bomb” how it bounces from enemy to enemy then explodes?

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