Bowmaster Winter Storm Beta Update

This week’s update consists of a few game balances, some weapon tweaks, and a new user interface component.


The long awaited ability to toggle ally units on/off is finally here, and the peasants rejoice. If you purchased the ability to summon units then you’ll see buttons in the bottom middle portion of the screen. If you want to only summon a specific type of unit you just need to turn off all other units by clicking their buttons. These are toggle buttons so just click them on and off like a checkbox. Unit loading order is still randomized between all enabled unit types, but if you want to micromanage the order in which units are built you can just disable all but one type, and then when the desired amount of units are reached then disable that button and enable the next unit type you want to load. For One versus One boss encounters the unit toggle user interface is invisible. The settings will be saved between levels but currently get reset when you close your browser. These settings may become saved to your profile in a future update.

Flak bombs can now once again do multiple damage to a single unit. So if you’re skilled enough to detonate the flak bomb close enough to an enemy (or hit the enemy directly) then you may cause massive damage. However, the damage per shrapnel shard has been decreased and the maximum number of shards that can damage a single unit has been capped.

If a flak bomb hits the ground then only half of the flak bits escape the blast. The blast shards are ejected away from the ground.

If a flak bomb is too close to the ground it’s damage potential is reduced. For maximum damage detonate the flak bomb a third of screen’s height from the ground.
Elemental and physical weakness multipliers have been increased. This means that overall units take more damage from elemental bonuses than before. This means that you should be able to see much greater impacts with the right elemental attack even at lower ranks. For example, a level 2 ice arrow giving 2 damage versus a fire dragon with max ice weakness (-10 to ice) will take a total of 20 damage (ten times the damage). Comparing this to a rank 10 basic arrow with 10 pierce damage against the fire dragon (0 weakness to pierce) equals a total of just 10 damage. So you see that with just a rank 3 ice arrow you will see twice the damage as a maxed rank basic arrow. (These numbers are hypothetical, and the damage multipliers and per-enemy weaknesses will likely continue to change throughout the beta).

Reported issue: Some users have reported that the Victory Banner that pops up sometimes stays there indefinitely. It would seem that the code I previously added to help prevent this issue did not solve the issue. If you notice this problem or any others please contact using the contact form located here:

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15 Responses to Bowmaster Winter Storm Beta Update

  1. afatpaws says:

    Cannot wait for this game, hopefully all these years of wait will pay off =D

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  2. FattyMaaan says:

    I wonder if these 4ish years of waiting will pay off.

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  3. BlackMantis says:

    sure are devoted.. XD nice job on the game

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  4. Ryan says:

    Nice work, Jason! Me & you should go hunt zombies some time!
    Steam account “Action___bastard”
    Speaking of zombies, why didn’t you ever release that little zombie game that you had in your devlog god knows when ago? I kinda liked that. just put it in the toys section, filling that little empty gap.

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  5. jarrett says:

    if been following the website for long time cant wait for something new 😀

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  6. Samson says:

    Really looking forward to this game. I’ve been playing the alphas and betas since they came out. Only thing I don’t like is that flak bombs, special arrows (ie. Destructor’s wacky bomb, hunter’s trap) and units dont earn any gold whatsoever. Its a real heavy downside to using them, even if they’re useful

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  7. TARDISES says:

    OK, Ran into a problem. After 1 level, I tried to buy some upgrades. After I tried to exit the upgrade screen, it gave me a black screen with settings, quit, and the HP/MP bars. Only Settings did anything when clicked.

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  8. EvilKris says:

    Gah, I was just gonna write to you to ask you if you were still in the Flash ‘world’ and if not maybe *beg* you to allow me to code a BowMaster Prelude remake. I frickin’ love that game and often think about doing something along the same lines.
    I see you’re already working on something new, and it looks excellent so far- you’re gonna a lot of people hooked on this game when it comes out.

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  9. CarnageX says:

    Im having a problem with level 7 for some reason, i bought my upgrades and and went back to the game and this is all i get “”
    I also hit refresh and reloading everything and when i hit start thats the screen i got to, so i have no idea whats going on there 😀

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  10. CarnageX says:

    Also the Title says #zoom or something for some reason 😀 ahahaha

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