New Look! now served with Blogability. is constantly evolving. Recent site enhancements allow for better organization of news updates and devlog entries. It’s now even easier to maintain the site so you should expect to see more frequent news updates. New to this site is the ability to directly comment on news articles. Feel free to us know what you think.

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12 Responses to New Look!

  1. Valakai says:


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  2. Blue_Death says:

    Pretty awesome! (woo second comment)

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  3. SgtRamirez says:

    Nice. Keep up the Bowmaster! 😀

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  4. Simply Blathers says:

    I’m a huge fan Jason. I’ve been playing your games on this site since you only had probably less than five. I’ve been waiting for bowmaster 2 since I was in eighth grade, and now I’m a freshman in college.

    Please Jason, stay loyal to your work and your fans!

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  5. What will happen to all the old Devlog entries? Did you delete those relics of the past? I rather miss the old look…

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  6. Jason says:

    @Admiral Barksdale

    I did not delete the old devlogs. Infact the url is still there:

    However, I’m in the process of making individual historic posts for every past devlog and news update. The advantage of individual pages is that flash content will run optimally without having to process a bunch of other flash content from previous posts. You’ll also be able to link to a specific post which is something I didn’t really maintain with named anchors on the old devlog page.

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  7. LSU Tigers says:

    I’ve been following Lostvectors for a long time as well. I can’t wait for Bowmaster 2, it’s going to be epic. Winter Storm is looking better and better and I’m very excited to see the finished product.
    Keep it up man, this is a really great thing you’ve got going.

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  8. Frank West says:

    Looks good! It offsets my screen a bit though. Anyway, I like it. In Bowmaster 2 you should add in a survival mode, where you can set the types of enemies that appear, and wave frequencies and stuff. I’d do zombie survival. (If there were zombie enemies)

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  9. tisler72 says:

    ya zombies would be a awesome twist to this game like they enemies send in 10 waves of zombies and you have to keep the civilians alive or they die the then they transform into the zombies 2! but Jason probably has his hands full right now with everything else to do it :(

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  10. CarnageX says:

    Looks good man, keep it up :)

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  11. CarnageX says:

    How do we upload an avatar and signature stuff?

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  12. Match says:

    I have been watching your website and been playing your games almost since day one. If I read back through the devlog, I can still remember reading them for the first time and seeing you as such an ispiration =D I love flash myself just im no good lol. Keep up the good work =D

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