Bowmaster Winter Storm Beta Update 0.2.9

New Allied Grunt Unit Graphics! This week is the first of several graphical updates planned for Bowmaster Winter Storm. The Human Grunt soldier now has unique skins for each rank from 1 to 10, with each skin looking more impressive than the last. Also new this week is the change to the color of the health bars and the way unit rank is displayed. Play Bowmaster Winter Storm

Green hp bars are for allied units, and red are for your opponents. The symbolic rank icons have been replaced with colored number rank icons just below the hp/mana bars. Your units have green icons, and the bad guys have red icons. The rank is represented by the number in the middle of the circular icon. Now it should be easier to assess the situation when your units are in battle and mixed together with enemy units.

Also the Priest’s heal power has been slightly increased.

Next Update: Continue to implement more graphical updates to units. Game balancing tweaks and bug fixes.

As always feel free to provide feedback. You can do this by contacting the email or by submitting your comment to the blog for all to see.

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34 Responses to Bowmaster Winter Storm Beta Update 0.2.9

  1. This is getting interesting… Good work Jason ! :)

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  2. The Bloke says:

    When I first loaded this, I had an error where nothing appeared on screen.

    I cleared my cache, and the problem was solved :)

    You know, those grunt units could do with a bit of balancing; at the moment a rank 30 hero can still be stuck with an army of eight or so grunts all ranks 1 and 2, which is quite useless.

    Both armies should really see a higher ratio of more powerful grunts to weaker grunts for a given level, in my opinion. If its a chance based thing, up the chances more per level up for the higher ranks! That way grunts have a use. As it is, I usually turn them off.

    FWIW, I don’t use the warlock much either; it just doesn’t feel right. Surely he’d make a far better enemy than ally, provided he was given a more powerful shield so that he wasn’t an easy kill?

    I had the joy of playing this game on a higher spec computer yesterday. The speed made the whole thing a lot more exhilerating, and I actually found myself having to put some effort in to avoid being slaughtered at the hands of ninjas 😀

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  3. homebrew_Ds says:

    yay game balanceing tweaks next week!

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  4. Fox says:

    Dear Jason,

    A few things noticed: Thank you for the new skins! I look forward to the next units new duds.

    Electro Arrow- The consept is briliant, the arc range is well balanced but the arrow is laking in power. It took 8 shots to bring down a level one evil grunt. Could you please consider uping the damage?

    “Expert”mode- Does it strike anyone else that “expert” mode isnt’ really that difficult? I mean the enemy damage and hero health are good and all but doesn’t it seem to be to easy to avoid damage? Could you please consider making a “insane” or “intence” mode for more hard core bowmaster fans?

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    • Ethril says:

      Heh. Try using a multi-shot Electro Arrow into a thick crowd of enemies. They get fried reeeeaaaal good. Kind of expensive on mana, though.
      Anyway, the Electro Arrow is meant for crowd control; It doesn’t zap your allies (unless you hit one directly), so you can launch them into a huge brawl to soften up foes without blasting your own team, as opposed to bomb or pierce arrows which would kill everything.
      However, I agree that the power is a bit too low for its mana cost. The Fire arrow, too, for that matter. As a result, it is disproportionately difficult to kill high-level ice enemies as compared to other elements.

      In addition, the Slice, Blunt, and Fork arrows could use some more upgrade ranks; They quickly become obsolete compared to Normal and Pierce due to their lower maximum potential. Slice arrows suffer even more in that regard, as they’re not even good against castles like the other two, and even those are heavily outclassed by Bomb and Earth arrows when it comes to destroying structures.

      I’d also like to suggest an option that modifies the maximum number of enemies; Currently the enemy armies are capped at 80 per level. It’d be cool to have a slider (in increments of 20, perhaps) ranging from 40-200 or so, which would set the army cap (it wouldn’t have any effect if the enemy army size for that level wouldn’t go that high anyway, of course), and then one more notch would set it to infinite, where the army size would be in proportion with the level number, for those characters up to level 300 or so that want a good hour(s)-long fight.
      On that note, I’ve noticed that when you get towards the end of a battle, sometimes the last 5 or so enemies are, for example, all medium red dragons, and the game restricts them to coming out one at a time, making it take far longer than necessary and not really provide much of a challenge. I think that the per-unit cap on enemies (ie only one of each dragon at a time) should be disabled if they’re the only type of enemy left for that wave, or perhaps once there are only 10 (10 percent, if you have the army cap increased) or so enemies left in the army. Maybe even an option that disables it entirely, if you really want to take the chance of 8 greater dragons bearing down on you.

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      • marksmen says:

        ^ maybe just send them all at once when there aren’t many enemies left, “a final charge” or their last ditch effort-> maybe it would happen when there are about 20 enemies left? (number here could change based on your difficulty level and rank, or any other factor)

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      • Jason says:

        Good points. I share some of your concerns and plan to make improvements to fix these issues. Stay tuned!

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  5. Sicaul116 says:

    Hey, Jason I like the update but can u return the rank emblems they were epic.

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    • Jason says:

      I will most likely make this configurable in the options settings. This last update is kind of a test run. Thanks for you feedback.

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  6. homebrew_Ds says:

    jason i have a question.

    i have a macbook pro and i love this game. but when i try to load it it takes forever on safari and all of my other web browsers. any idea how to make this faster?

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    • homebrew_Ds says:

      o ya i forgot this, when it finishes and i am able to play it it doesn’t lag at all.

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    • CarnageX says:

      Get Google Chrome, its much better and faster than Safari and it loads the game on my crappy free college laptop in 10 seconds with Google Chrome and firefox and IE take atleast 2-5 minutes

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    • Jason says:

      The speed at which it downloads depends on your internet service and bandwidth. The fact that it doesn’t lag when you’re finished downloading indicates that your CPU is pretty good. Usually the browsers should load the game quicker the next time you play if the game files haven’t changed… but since I’m doing weekly updates it’s likely you’ll have to load the game for a little while before you can play at least every Friday. I’m curious, is it always long every time you play? Try loading it and then closing the browser and loading it again? Did it load faster the second time? If it does then your browser is successfully caching the game files… the downside is that sometimes caching prevents newer game files from loading which is something I need to research… But I digress. Sorry it’s not downloading very fast for you. This game is quite big for a flash game. I’ll do what I can to optimize things but the game is still a work in progress.

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      • homebrew_Ds says:

        the answer your questions
        1. is it always long every time you play?
        well about 90% of the time is takes a while to load
        2. try loading it and then closing the browser and loading it again? Did it load faster the second time? yes it does load quite faster. about 80% faster.

        btw if you are wondering what type of internet provider i have im using comcast

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  7. Natsu says:

    hey Jason you should add a strong light skill called beam of light that sends down a huge ray of white light which purifies any evil enemies in its path. Also please increase the damage for the lighting arrow along with the fire arrow. Along with that make a golem boss that tosses 4 rocks at a time as it would seem fun killing him.

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  8. heavenarrow says:

    EPIC UPDATE! Now I can prioritize my shots thanks to the improved rank system, never really understood those military symbols. Anyway, I think you should make the waves come a bit faster with the best coming at the last one like one last ditch effort by the enemy to kill you, that would be awesome, and the faster waves so that the action gets more fast paced, that and it is quite boring when you just pumped a lot of adrenaline into the previous wave and the next wave still hasn’t arrived. And one more thing, SCREW THOSE TINY DRAGONS! ARGH THEY ARE SO DAMN HARD TO HIT! But thanks to the Flak its not that much of a problem BUT STILL! SCREW THOSE TINY DRAGONS! (I don’t mean you should take them out though)

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  9. saard says:

    Is the fire arrow supposed to be that ridiculously mana-expensive?

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  10. Howse says:

    I’m only gonna mention this once: this has taken you so much longer than your original projected time that it makes me rofl.

    Still, you’re doing amazingly. I love the game anyways, no matter how incomplete it is. I’m glad you’re taking your time with it, making sure that there are no flaws in the final release. This game will surely be an internet sensation upon completion. Keep up the good work! =D

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  11. saard says:

    On firefox there’s a bug where it occasionally wont let you click on an arrow and you have to press the number button on the keyboard. Scrolling with the wheel seems to sort it.

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  12. Agus says:

    Reflected shurikens wont travel back in arcs (i mean they just fly up to the sky without falling to the ground)

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  14. Nhat82 says:

    add more mission types and great job

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  15. sabre1222 says:

    Jason i think u should consider the idea of putting the finished game on the ipad-ipad 2. that would be an epic way to play bowmaster winter storm beta, i think i would be a very popular and this way you can make money and speed up the game process by getting people to help you. :)

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  16. Dangeroo says:

    I hit my own ninja with a bomb arrow as soon as he was going to jump backward to throw a knife. His body froze in the air. He disapeared though.

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  17. Sicaul116 says:

    Hey, Jason can you make the allies and evil army come out in squads. It be much better than waiting for your allies and enemies come one by one.

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  18. The Bloke says:

    Wouldn’t it be awesome if the light arrow had a 25% chance of releasing an enemy from evil, causing him to switch sides and battle for the good cause?

    Well, obviously it would be ^.^

    I also had this idea for an effect the dark arrow could have: it turns an enemy berserk, causing them to attack randomly, hitting evil as well as good units on the field, with the usual damage being boosted by some dark damage added on.

    I always feel better for having posted these online somewhere; my head feels ever lighter as they spill out onto the screen :)

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  19. funflow says:

    sometime i will play bowmaster winterstrom

    it is nice!

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  20. funflow says:

    wait….,it is the 30 one?

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  21. hey jason it me again bowmaster getting better and better every week i love it keep it up with the good work

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