Bowmaster: Winter Storm - Help

Here you'll find information that will help understand what you need to know about the game. Currently the game is still being developed so the details of this page may change with new revisions of the game.

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(Disclaimer: I plan on making the controls configurable in the future but for now the input keys used are WASD and Spacebar).


  • Spacebar - Jump (jump again while in air for double jump)
  • A - Move Left
  • D - Move Right
  • S - Duck
  • W - Occupy building (Note, for towers you need to jump towards the top of the tower and then hit W in order to land inside of it)


  • T - detonates all deployed traps
  • F - detonates flak bomb

Shooting - Drag/Release Mode

  1. Click and hold the green circle.
  2. Drag the green circle (how far away from your hero determines the bow power and how you place the circle will determine the angle your fire your shot).
  3. Release the green circle to fire your arrow.

Shooting - Point-Click Mode

  1. Press once Q (for high loft) or E (for low loft) to set your aiming mode.
  2. Click where you want the arrow to land (Note: you may have limited range. The icon will change to let you know if the area you're pointing at is out of range).
  3. Aim Icon Color Codes
    1. green means ready to shoot
    2. red means can't shoot because mana is too low and cooldown time is not finished
    3. blue means mana too low
    4. yellow cooldown time is not finished

Bow Power Slider

  • Bow power determines how far your bow will shoot arrows. You can upgrade your bow power in the skill shop. After you do so you will have the ability to increase your bow power using the bow power slider bar at the bottom of the game screen. Click and hold the slider bar and then move it to the right for more power and left for less power. This will increase or decrease your maximum bow power.

Mod Power Slider

  • Mod power is the rank of your currently active mod. A mod is short for "modifier" and every bow skill (skill that shoots something) has at least the single shot mod. New mods can be purchased or upgraded from the skill menu. If you upgrade a mod, such as multi-shot, you'll then be able to adjust what rank you want the mod to be used at. NOTE: the mod power does not change automatically; you need to adjust the mod power manually after you purchase a mod rank upgrade. E.g. if you have multi shot rank 1 for the basic arrow and you upgrade to multi shot rank 2, when you have the multi shot mod active for the basic arrow skill, you'll need to move the mod power slider bar to the right to see the effects of the upgrade.

Skill Book

  • This is where all of your known skills are listed while in battle. You can drag and drop the skill icons from the skill book into your action bar.

Action Bar

  • Click on an action bar button or press the number key to set that skill as active.

Mod Bar Buttons

  • Depending on what skill is active you will see one or more mod buttons that appear just above the action bar. Clicking on the mod button or pressing SHIFT and a mod button number will set that mod as active.

Occupying towers

  1. If you are in a tower, you can get out of it by jumping (Spacebar).
  2. If you are on the ground and want your hero to occupy a tower then jump towards the top of the tower (you may need to perform a double jump) and then press W when you are close to the top of the tower.