SpaceCraft ARMADA

Hello Friends

This is my work-in-progress public pre-alpha (unprecedented!) of my latest project "SpaceCraft ARMADA"

I'm creating this game in Unity and it is a conversion/reimagination/next-iteration of the Flash version of the game located here. This will ultimately be a free to play mobile game. This web version is for demo purposes only.

Check out my blog for the latest updates and details regarding my development efforts.

Release Notes - 1/8/2017

  • Added music by Tony Waldman: Intro Music 1, Intro Music 2, Victory, Defeat, Level Up (click on Shop button), Open Loot (click on Gem Store button)
  • Demo End of Battle UIs - Victory and Defeat
  • Bug fixes (refactored UI Camera to allow for particles, fixed issues with drag input due to new camera)

Release Notes - 8/26/2016

  • Posted to web initial demo version with lots of modes/buttons non-functioning
  • BuildUI - demo of layout and some ship edit functionality
  • Combat Mode - simple demo and of partle effects and proof of concept for using player created ships (pre-loaded json data)