BowMaster 2 Cave Demo

Check out this dark and gloomy cave! Shoot light-arrows to illuminate the cave. The purpose of this demo is to demonstrate the animation of a main character (mage class) and user controls for moving and aiming (currently showing AutoAim mode).


  • Shoot arrows using the AutoAim feature by holding down E or Q and then clicking on the screen.
  • Move with WASD or the Arrow Keys (In the future I plan on allowing the user to reconfigure these controls to whatever keys her or she wants).
  • When in air, you can float by holding the SPACEBAR.
  • You can double jump by taping W while in air.

Note: This is just a demo and the final features of the game are not completed. The character you use in the game may act differently than in this demo.

Note: This demonstrates the AutoAim functionality but the other modes will still available in the final game.