Happy Pi Day!

What do you get when you divide a pumpkin’s circumference by its diameter?


In a high school Math class, the teacher asked us that question and I was the only one to raise a hand to answer. I’m guessing there were others who got the joke but didn’t want to sound like a complete dork by answering. I had no such reservations.


So anyways…

It’s Pi day so celebrate by playing the latest update to SpaceCraft! It’s like a good-for-you desert for your mind. So be creative and start building some more spaceships with all new parts!

The latest update includes:

  • Added tons of new parts
  • Improved the Battle Mode Demo – (the battle mode from the main menu)
  • Improved voting system – Removed the cooldown timer for voting. You can now vote as much as you want, and for every 30 votes you get a reward
  • Fixed a bug that caused ships to disappear when make new ships from being auto-logged in
  • Improved the Shop – reduced the cooldown of the deals, and increased the total number of parts available for purchase.

Bowmaster Winter Storm Updated

I’ve released an update to Bowmaster Winter Storm. Check it out! Bowmaster Winter Storm



  1. I’ve redesigned the login system
  2. Several game balance updates
  3. Optimized performance
  4. Re-enabled the skeleton giant unit
  5. Added new damage impact effects
  6. Misc bug fixes

Let me know if you notice any bugs, or if you have any issues importing old profiles into the new system. The game should automatically prompt you to import them if it sees you have saved profiles in your browser cache. If it doesn’t, just login with your email (no password required) and then go to the Profiles section and click the “Import” button on the bottom.

SpaceCraft Demo Update 2


New Update!


Added new parts to play with, as well as improved the ship rating system. Now when you go to rate ships you are given a random set of ships and at the end of voting you earn rewards. So go start judging those ships!

Part inventory has been reset to a random set of initial parts and now you earn more parts by spending coins at the store.


Known Issue:
I’m investigating some issues with the server that seems to require players to do email authentication every login. If you notice this issue then I apologize, I hope to have this resolved soon.

If you notice any other bugs feel free to leave me a comment below.

SpaceCraft Demo

Here is a pre-alpha version of a game I’m working on. It’s a spacecraft building game. lostvectors.com/spacecraft


Stay tuned for updates. As always, feedback is much appreciated.


Step 1: Make a ship

Tap on the left buttons to add parts to your ship.

Tap on the part in the “Ship” panel to select it. When selected, the part will be highlighted red and have circles around it.

Drag the green circle to move the part.

Drag the light-blue circle to rotate and scale the part.

Tap the background to de-select the part.

If a part is selected and you tap a part button from the left, it may swap the part (if applicable).

If no part is selected then tapping on a part button will add a new part to your ship.

Press the “Save” button to save your ship.

Press the “New” button to make a new empty ship.

Press the “Delete” button to delete the selected part.

Press the “Battle” button to watch spacecrafts fly through space.

Step 2: Battle

Note: The Battle mode is a mini-game meant only as a demo (is not the final game).

In battle mode may see your ships as well as ships created by other players. Currently the ships just fly around peacefully, but you may choose which ship lives or dies by tapping on the ships you wish to end.

Victory is achieved by destroying all of the red ships.

Defeat occurs if only red ships exist.

Again, these simple objectives are just for demo purposes and will likely change in future releases.

Space WOBA Game Concept Demo 2


I’ve been in the process of testing a version of this game on my iPad2 and experimenting with techniques to optimize performance. While I cannot make the version I have on my iPad available in the App Store (yet), I have posted the current work in progress of the game here:


Notable Updates:

  • Removed player ship (you only watch now… the player ship was a temporary camera… will add player controls to different kind of space game in the future perhaps)
  • Added camera controls — drag/click to pan; mouse wheel to zoom (on mobile device this works as swipe to pan and pinch to zoom)
  • Optimized graphics (should run faster than the previous demo)
  • New ships and new ship configurations
  • Replaced vector-based stats UI with simple text (for now)
  • New multi-tiered super-minion waves (new ships) — each new super minion wave will spawn more uberer super minions
  • Team colors changed
  • Minor balance changes to credits per kill, credits required to spawn a super minion wave, ship speed, bullet speed, hit points

WOBA Space Demo

I’ve been hard at work on a prototype for the concept I’ve outlined in my previous post. I’ve posted a work-in-progress version of the game concept here:




Demo Features:

  • Take Control – Fly through the battle and choose which side to help out or stay true to the prime directive and just observe.
  • Endless Battles – The team who destroys their enemy’s Mother Ship wins the round; a new round will start shortly after Armageddon Mode finishes.
  • Armageddon Mode – At the end of a round, all of the remaining ships self destruct to make room for the next round.
  • Credits – Each kill awards credits to the team responsible. Once the credits reach a certain amount then super ships will be spawned
  • Super Ship: Destroyer – This ship has three fixed guns and will track targets at a medium long range
  • Super Ship: Carrier – This ship spawns extra fighters call Buzzers which are a slightly weaker version of the Fighters spawned from the Mother Ship. Carriers are also equipped with a turret.
  • Units Rank Up – as Fighters get kills they increase in rank which then translates to improved stats (movement speed, fire rate). Look for veterans as the battle progresses — you’ll be able to tell them apart from the novice ships as they dominate the skies.
  • Colors! – Notice how each round changes the team’s colors. Colors are generated dynamically. Ships can be colored in various ways and what you see here only just scratches the surface customization options available.


  • Space Pirates (Neutral Creeps).
  • Freighters (for added resource bonus).
  • Centrally located (and thus contested) resource bonus.
  • “Ace” Units – These will be special types of units that rank up and can respawn. They will have special abilities in addition to being able to shoot like basic Fighter ships.


WOBA Space Game Concept

Check out my concept for a Space Game WOBA (watchable online battle arena). It’s like Gratuitous Space Battles but in a MOBA format. I’ll be using my Starling powered space game engine that I’m developing to implement this concept.


I’m still developing the core engine to support a space game. And this is just one game concept that I hope to apply my space game engine to. The idea for this game is that there are two evenly matched space fleets engaged in an epic space battle that ends when either Mother Ship is destroyed. However, it wouldn’t be all that interesting if both fleets were exactly the same, so ultimately the plan is to have “champion” ships which will bring variation to the battles (think of them like Champions in League of Legends) — henceforth they will be referred to as “Aces”. And similar to Gratuitous Space Battles, everything will be AI controlled. As for player input, the player may be involved with choosing the Ace composition and perhaps equipment loadout for the aces and ships.

An Ace is like a Fighter with added abilities. An Ace may fall into one of various classifications (e.g. Fighter, Support, Tank, Nuker, Assassin). And each fleet will have up to a certain number of Aces (somewhere between 3-5). The initial roster of Aces will be quite minimal but I’m hoping to create a framework that enables new Aces to be developed with ease.

Ultimately, this game is mostly a proof of concept that will allow me to demonstrate the space game engine as well as enable me to practice and showcase my game design skills.

As for other applications of the space game engine, I plan on using it to make an open world space exploration shooter game (like Omega Mega but without boundaries and you can shoot stuff). I haven’t settled on a particular design concept just yet, but I have enough of an idea to keep enhancing the core game engine to provide what I need.

Stay tuned for tech demos soon to come!

Ship Concepts

Here’s an image of some ship concepts I’ve created for the space game I’m developing. I created these ships in Flash by creating a few reusable ship parts (like Lego pieces) and then arranging them in various configurations to get different kinds of ships.

Ship Concepts for Space Game

Ship Concepts for Space Game

Making these ships gave me an idea for possibly having a “ship builder” component of the game where the user could use parts to construct their own ships. For now I’m focusing on the framework to get the space engine to work, but a nice feature to have would to be able to create your own ships.