Tech Demos

Here are two tech demos for some new features I’ve been working on for Bowmaster 2. The first is circle vs line segment collision detections. I know I talk a lot about collision detection but it’s not a simple topic. In this example I show how a line segment can intersect with a circle. Just drag the red and green dots around to see where the intersections occur. The code for this demo is useful for determining fast moving projectile collisions against circular objects.

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This next demo demonstrates a constant (stackable) "aura" effect.

Imagine a defensive boost aura similar to something found in World of Warcraft. All the party members within a certain proximity of the aura provider are given a bonus. In BM2 you might see "commander" or "elite" type units that give off auras that boost stats of allied units. You’ll likely want to take down these units first to make weaken the overall strength of the enemy army.

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Bowmaster 2 Animation

I’ve been working on some new unit animations for Bowmaster 2. I created animations for a catapult (different than the trebuchet — it will be similar but I plan on having different ammo options for it) and a ballista weapon which will shoot heavy spear-like ballista bolts that do massive pierce damage. I also created a new unit animation for the Lycan unit. Check it out below.

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Moon Master: RahKon Status Update

I’m almost done with the final boss level. It’s coming along nicely and it’s a lot more elaborate than the other boss battles. I don’t want to spoil so I won’t show you any pictures. After I finish the boss which should occur sometime this week, I’ll do the very final balancing and finishing touches and then I’ll officially release it. After this project is complete I’ll be back to focusing more on BM2 and you’ll see more devlogs with BM2 updates. Stay tuned!

Moon Master: RahKon Beta v0.5

I’ve released a near complete version of Moon Master RahKon.

Click here to play. This version includes high locally stored high scores (for each difficulty level). It also fixes some bugs: invisible lasers, your ball keeps moving if you click off screen somewhere.

Right now this high scores are saved, but the scoring may change in the final release and the high scores will be reset. Also, I plan on having a final level with a new (never before seen) boss. Currently, in this version it can go on for ever even after you kill the basic bosses.

Moon Master: RahKon

As I said I would, I have released a new game. However, I was up late working on the final touches, and since I may still need to balance certain things and further test the game, I decided to release the game as an open beta version. This means I have not yet posted the game into the main game links page. So if you are among the cool fans who read this devlog then you are now rewarded with an exclusive look at the almost complete version of Moon Master: RahKon. Enjoy! Feel free to give me feedback about game difficulty, bugs, features, or whatever you want. I still may be able to adjust the game to fix issues you discover.

Rocking and Rollin…

Sorry it has been a while since my last post. Despite not reporting anything recently, I have been making good progress on my projects. I recently upgraded my computer in an attempt to make my life easier. Instead it made my life really difficult for two weeks. I finally got everything working now and transferred the important files and installed Flash 9 so now I’m back in business. And boy have I been busy. I am pleased to announce a new game I’m soon to release "MoonMaster: Rock On." It’s a mix between Katamari Damacy and my Gun Master. It’s a highly modified version of the last AS3 engine demo featured in a previous devlog entry. In this game, You’ll take control of a highly maneuverable green rock. Moon rocks are falling out of the sky and threaten to crush you. On top of that there is an alien race that is trying to blast you to bits for some reason (some sort of conspiracy). Luckily you’re a special kind of rock that can fire lasers. The game is about 85% complete and I hope to get the last 15% done before the end of the week. However, I may take the next weekend to play test and balance the game before releasing it. The game is fairly simple but it’s not just a typical shooting game. It has some interesting gameplay features that add new challenges and strategies that I think you’ll like.

And the purpose for making this game is to practice developing with Action Script 3.0 and to get warmed back up for developing robust code for Bowmaster 2.

After making the switch from AS2, I realized there were a lot of things I still needed to practice before I started making more code for Bowmaster 2. Specifically, I discovered that user interactivity was quite a bit different in AS3. In an attempt to practice, I was inspired to make a new game. The code is super ugly looking and I probably won’t remember what the heck I was doing two weeks from now, which is why I better finish this side project ASAP before it all implodes into an AS3 blHACK hole.


Action Script 3.0 is making more and more sense as I convert old AS2 code over to the new standard. The code is much cleaner and I can definitely see a performance improvement with my core game engine. This isn’t to say I’ll be cutting corners though. I’m continually making sure I don’t add any "expensive" code or animations that eat up all the CPU. I’ve successfully converted several of my unit AI and physics code so it’s starting to come alive. I feel like Dr. Frankenstein giving life to simple rag-doll flash sprites… they even exhibit some pretty dumb behavior at times 😉 but that’s all part of the process.



After playing the "Quake: Enemy Territory" demo and having it run slow on my 1 year old computer with low settings, I vowed to do everything in my power to make sure I never release a game that can’t run well on a current average computer. For flash, this means making the transition to Action Script 3.0. Bowmaster Prelude’s game engine is created entirely in Action Script 2.0. I’m taking this opportunity to create a brand new, highly optimized engine based on the Prelude design but implemented in AS3. Before making this decision I created performance tests to compare the difference between AS2 flash 8 and AS3 flash 9. The difference was quite significant as the AS3 version outperformed the same code and graphics of the AS2 version by up to 5 times the speed.

So what does this mean for Bowmaster 2? With AS3, BM2 will have more targets on the screen, more projectiles flying through the air, more advanced physics using Vector based collision detection (no more arrows passing through things — unless of course you’re using the pierce arrow ;), better animation and graphics, but more importantly BETTER PERFORMANCE FOR EVERYONE!

Check out the demo below to see the power of Flash 9 and AS3! Muahahah…

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Specifically, this demo features the new "boulder" collision detection code that can be applied to any spherical object such as catapult ammo, loose boulders, or debris from castle explosions. This demo also features a more advanced projectile collision detection system that can allow arrows to hit targets at ANY speed. See for yourself by clicking anywhere on the screen. A super fast "test" arrow will be fired from the top left corner and will collide with the FIRST object it comes in contact with (be it a boulder, foot soldier, or the ground).

Please note that this is just a demo and not the final game engine. Unit animations, terrains, unit stats/behavior, gravity, projectile speed, background artwork and graphics may appear different in the final game.

I’m currently not bought off by nVidia. You will not see at the beginning of BowMaster 2 an animation that says "nVidia… the way it’s meant to be played" and I will not require Window’s Vista or Direct X10 to play the game.