Bowmaster Winter Storm Beta Update

There’s some cool new upgrades I added to help defend against those pesky elemental dragons. Introducing the fire and ice flak bomb upgrades. These work just like the regular flak bomb but now harness elemental damage which should prove useful against enemies weak to specific elemental attacks. Tip: Use fire flak bombs against ice dragons.

Another cool upgrade is the Fairy Bomb. This is a cure related skill that unleashes ferocious war mongering fairies that are hell bent on seeking out their targets to inflict imminent and utter … healing. Yeah, so they’re not that ferocious I guess but don’t tell them that. These guys home in on injured units (you included) and restore some health when they get close to you. If no units need healing they will live out their natural short lives happily bouncing about the terrain until their life timer expires at which point they explode (as they should) dealing no significant impact on the surrounding environment.

The user interface received a few much needed tweaks. You can now scroll through your action bars using the mouse wheel. The action bar ID is now listed in between the up and down action bar scroll buttons. Currently there are three available action bars to put all your cool projectile related upgrades. This may increase in the future.

Also UI related, you may now move your character with the arrow keys in addition to the WASD keys. I’m not sure why I forgot to add that, it was literally just four lines of code 😉 Don’t get too excited though; I’m not yet working on a fully customizable keyboard bindings interface. That’s a nice-to-have feature that you may see in the future though.


  • New Upgrade! Fire Flak Bomb Arrow (fire skill)
  • New Upgrade! Ice Flak Bomb Arrow (ice skill)
  • New Upgrade! Fairy Bomb Arrow (cure skill)
  • Added "Like" button to the HTML landing page of this game. If you’re on facebook then be sure to "like" this page.


  • Decreased mana cost for elemental arrows significantly
  • Decreased mana cost of Flak Bomb Arrow.
  • Increased the cost per rank upgrade for Flak Bomb Arrow


  • Fixed issue that caused Hunter’s Spike Trap to not work properly.
    Unintentional cruelty to units fixed: After last update, dead units would get inverted and placed underground when frozen, on fire, or sliced in half. Death visuals should work properly now. Poor game units. As if being frozen, chopped, or burnt wasn’t enough I had to also turn them inside out and bury them underground.
  • Fixed issue where a grunt unit’s head when encased in ice caused extra ice to form above the top of the head as if to accommodate a cone head shaped unit. The ice now forms evenly around the unit’s head thus making him less self conscious but more importantly allows him to die with dignity.
  • Fixed issue where the Wacky Bomb would break if it moved to the left or right edge of the screen too high above the ground. Oh that wacky Wacky Bomb. Always getting itself into trouble. Perhaps he just needs some extra love and attention so he won’t act out so much. This can be said for much of the features in this game so he will just have to wait his turn!
    Stay tuned for updates. Keep me informed of any issues you may find.

Bowmaster Winter Storm Beta

I released Bowmaster Winter Storm as Beta. I can’t believe it’s been over  a year since I posted the last Alpha update. I’ve added a lot of cool features since the last Alpha post. Several of the features that I mentioned in previous devlogs are now present in the game. I’m still debugging some of the features, but rest assured I plan on updating the Beta more frequently than the Alpha. Check back weekly for new updates to the game. You’ll be able to see what’s new directly in the game with the "News" feature I added. The News page will also allow you to catch up on all previous updates and replaces the "version info" html page that was used in the Alpha version.

You can still play the Alpha for now with all of your saved progress, but your saved data will not carry over to the Beta. Consider the Beta a fresh start.

Happy 5th Birthday

Five years ago I was just about almost graduated with my undergraduate degree in Software Engineering. I was in dire need of some place to host all of my Flash content that no longer was going to be hosted for free on my school’s server. It was just after the 3rd new-style Star Wars movie came out. I remember because while waiting in line to see the movie I was discussing with a friend possible domain names. We were throwing around names with "Vector" in it and he suggested LostVectors. I loved it and I was lucky it wasn’t already registered.

Since then, what started as a portfolio and place for all my experimental Flash work has now turned into a nice little independent Flash game site. I’m still hard at work and I don’t plan on quitting any time soon. So stay tuned!

Your Lucky Day

Wow it’s been a while since my last post. And yes I do remember the quiet announcement. Just to remind people, winter doesn’t really end until March 20 😉 But today is your lucky day because I’ve decided to release Winter Storm sometime this weekend. I can’t say when exactly but this is how it will be released… It’s kind of a new approach so pay attention. The game "Winter Storm" will be released as an exclusive "Alpha" site-locked to my website. This means you’ll only be able to play it on my site. The reason for it is because it’s still a work in progress. So what’s an alpha? It’s like a beta but the code is even more… fresh per se. I’ll give more details and disclaimers when I post the game which will be here. After I post it, I will continue to update it most likely on a weekly basis, adding new features and content while fixing bugs and balance issues. Now go tell all your friends about it and Stay tuned!

Bowmaster: Winter Storm

I’m quietly announcing "Bowmaster: Winter Storm" to you right now. It will be released this winter as a introduction episode to Bowmaster 2. There will be two modes of play: Story mode and Arcade mode. Story mode will have a set of levels with specific objectives. You’ll upgrade in a way that is similar to Bowmaster Prelude. Arcade mode will allow you to fight a never ending battle with all of the available skills already acquired and upgraded and the goal is to last as long as you can as the difficulty slightly increases.

Our Hero has added a tower to his property just in case :)

The purpose of this episode is to let people see first hand many of the features that Bowmaster 2 will have. Hopefully it will also enable me to improve the quality of Bowmaster 2 through user feedback from Winter Storm while renewing interest in the Bowmaster saga.

Creating a smaller full project like this has also really got me focused and motivated. Among all of the normal holiday madness, I’ve been working on a lot of fun stuff like animation, graphics, and AI code. I’m super committed to finishing Winter Storm soon so stay tuned for more news.

Moon Master: RahKon Beta v0.5

I’ve released a near complete version of Moon Master RahKon.

Click here to play. This version includes high locally stored high scores (for each difficulty level). It also fixes some bugs: invisible lasers, your ball keeps moving if you click off screen somewhere.

Right now this high scores are saved, but the scoring may change in the final release and the high scores will be reset. Also, I plan on having a final level with a new (never before seen) boss. Currently, in this version it can go on for ever even after you kill the basic bosses.

Moon Master: RahKon

As I said I would, I have released a new game. However, I was up late working on the final touches, and since I may still need to balance certain things and further test the game, I decided to release the game as an open beta version. This means I have not yet posted the game into the main game links page. So if you are among the cool fans who read this devlog then you are now rewarded with an exclusive look at the almost complete version of Moon Master: RahKon. Enjoy! Feel free to give me feedback about game difficulty, bugs, features, or whatever you want. I still may be able to adjust the game to fix issues you discover.