Bowmaster Winter Storm Beta Update

Lots of new updates this week in the Wintry Land of Bowmaster. Smarter Homing arrows, the ability to kick friendly units out of buildings, the ability to switch between building spots without having to exit the building. These are just a few of the many tweaks to Bowmaster Winter Storm. Enjoy!


Slightly increased accuracy of archers.

At the start of a level, your hero is automatically placed in the closest building spot if there is one.

Kill to Enemy Castle can now be won if you kill all of the enemy units.

Significantly reduced the hp of dragons.

Slightly reduced the elemental weaknesses of dragons.

Hero unit no longer flinches from attacks (fixes animation bug as well).

Unit mana bar color changed from blue to light blue to make it easier to see.

Adjusted mana regeneration of dragons.

Increased dragon shot cooldown time.

Reduced damage of mage attack orb.

Increased allied unit hp.

Added extra information about the pull string and point aim shooting methods in the new-profile creation wizard.

Added the ability to switch between building occupant spots by just pressing the left or right move buttons. If you’re at the edge or if there are no open spots in the direction you press then your hero exits the building. If there is a unit in the spot you want to go to you will trade spots with that unit.

Added the ability to take any allied building spot even if there’s already a unit occupying the spot. If there is a unit in the spot you want, simply press the up button (Up-Arrow or W-key) and it will place you in that spot and kick out the previous occupant.

Added improved homing arrow ai. The arrows previously would only home in on one target. If that target died then they would lose all homing ability. The homing arrows now acquire new targets if their current target is dead. This makes the multi homing arrow mod much more effective now.

Added random “tips” feature. In future updates more tips will be added and displayed throughout the game.

In auti-aim shooting mode, added high angle shot indicator in aiming cursor (white triangle) so you can know which mode you’re aiming with without having to look back at your hero.


Fixed bent dragon tail (animation issue)

Mage attack orbs no longer cancel each other out when destroyed.

Fixed point-aim description in the profile creation process. (No longer says you have to hold down E or Q to aim — you can just press one or the other to toggle between the different angle modes).

Fixed issue where fire arrow flame would cause flames to get stuck in dragon projectiles.

Fixed issue where fire arrow flame would get stuck in air.

Allied structures no longer take damage from cure arrow.

Blast bombs no longer do damage to yourself or your allies.

Fixed issue where mages would sometimes sit and do nothing.

Fixed issue with auto-aim mode that caused the hero to be twitchy when aiming at the same elevation as the hero.

Bowmaster Winter Storm Beta Update

The source of the spider infestation has been spotted! A Queen Spider lurks in the woods laying vile eggs that spawn various new types of spiders. Previously we have only seen the suicide spiders. Scouts report that there are two new kinds. The black spiders now engage in melee combat. Green spiders are suicidal and explode when near their target. Orange spiders have been known to jump. All spiders except the queen will eventually explode so keep your distance! There is a hefty bounty for whomever returns a piece of the Queen Spider’s carapace as proof of her death. Approach with extreme caution!

Scouts also report that various other wanted villains have increased in difficulty, gaining new abilities. Be cautious of new tactics when encountering one on one battles with these wanted villains.

Bowmaster Winter Storm Beta Update

Bowmaster Winter Storm is bunkering down and fortifying it’s code base as it fights off nasty little bugs. But that’s not to say it’s without any cool updates. Worshipers of the Dark Nether Realms have started to infiltrate the lands…


New Mage skin: Witch

Mage attack orb is now destructible. You can use a blast bomb to disarm it before it reaches you.

Mage attack orb speed is now scaled according to rank


Homing arrows have improved targeting.

Cure arrow can now shoot allies at point blank range once again.

Good Shot gold bonus no longer gives huge amounts for killing enemies in buildings.

Good Shot gold bonus does not occur for stationary targets for players using the Point-Aim shooting method (only moving targets give a gold bonus). Pull string method gives gold bonuses for stationary and moving targets, but of course moving targets give bigger bonuses when all other factors are equal.

Good Shot gold bonus awarded only for single shot arrows (but still counts for different types of arrows other than the basic arrow). This means that bonuses are not given for hits with arrows that are shot using the Rapid Fire, Multi Shot, or Homing shot modifiers.

Bowmaster Winter Storm Beta Update

This week’s Bowmaster Winter Storm update includes Graphical updates, bug fixes, new “Elemental Blast Bomb” upgrades and new “pest” dragons which are faster, smaller, but weaker versions of dragons.


Blast Bombs: To re-iterate, the blast bombs (which were introduced as a bonus earlier this week) are a counter to the “reactive objects” like fire and poison ooze. They are also useful at diffusing dragon fireballs before they reach you if you detonate the blasts in air by hitting “F”.
Pest Dragons: You wanted a good use for the Flak Bomb Arrow. Well now you got one. These little guys are small and fast but weak. A single arrow or a well placed Flak bomb explosion should take them down.

Increased the size of the background trees. Removed the snow from the trees (for now).

Significantly increased the hit points of the cottages and large tree.

Gold awards are given for all enemy kills (even kills caused by bombs or your allies).

Reduced the total number of elemental dragons that can be on the screen at once.

Allied units garrisoned in buildings no longer take friendly fire damage from hero projectiles. This means that if you’re hero is occupying a stonekeep along with archers, you may shoot at any angle without worrying about hitting them.

Friendly fire from hero projectiles now only occurs at medium to long range. Close shots will no longer hit nearby allies. This should help reduce friendly fire when shooting from ground level when there is no higher ground to occupy.


Fixed the pesky Victory Banner freeze bug (Thanks CarnageX for installing the flash debug player and helping me find the root cause of the bug)

Fixed issue that caused the game to hang if a bomb explosion did damage to units at the edge of the screen.

Bowmaster Winter Storm Beta Update

This update fixes some issues with previous Friday’s release along with adding cool new upgrades. One of the major issues with adding damage-over-time is that it is more challenging to balance than single instance damage. The developer must consider duration and frequency as well as magnitude of the effect per tick. The initial release had some major balance problems, namely if your character was hit with a poison glob it would it would mean certain (eventual) death. You could counter this with the Fairy Bomb but the game needed a better solution. Hence, the “Blast” series of elemental upgrades was developed. These are low powered elemental bomb-like arrows that cause elemental shockwaves. These are mostly to serve as defensive abilities since the damage-per-mana-cost should be prohibitive for attacking. Nevertheless they may be useful against groups of elementally weak units. However, the true advantage to these new skills is to clear away pesky reactive objects that are causing damage to you or your allies. So let’s say a Trebuchet landed a fire bomb right on top of the cottages you’re trying to protect. Now the cottages are on fire. What do you do? WHAT DO YOU DO!?!? Easy, just hit the homes with a Frost Blast arrow. Problem solved. Have an annoying glob of poisonous ooze stuck to your face? Have no fear. Just shoot a Cure Blast arrow at your feet and PoOF! – no more oozy face and your pours never looked so good. These blast bombs are the genuine article. Step right up, don’t be shy. Hurry while supplies last!

With your purchase includes (at no additional cost!) detonate-on-command-ability. Simply press ‘F’ while a blast bomb arrow is in air to detonate it. This technique is essential for demonstrating the blast bomb’s other important defensive trait: the ability to destroy incoming elemental projectiles. This is very useful against incoming fire, ice, and poison dragon ball attacks. If you collect all elemental blast bomb skills you’ll have the opportunity to purchase the Omni Blast skill which is infused with all magic of all elemental types and can be useful for defending against multiple types of elemental attacks at once.

As an added bonus, normal elemental arrows now also have the ability to cancel the effects of elemental entities. If there’s just a single flame threatening a single cottage and you have the Ice Arrow skill then just use that to put out the fire. You’ll need to experiment to see what’s more mana-cost effective, but at least now you have options.

Bowmaster Winter Storm Beta Update

This week’s Bowmaster Winterstorm update includes fun new weapons and tweaks to old ones that are made possible by new “reactive elements.” Watch out for dangerous poison ooze globs and blazing fires that are generally not fun to stand in as both you and your enemies will soon discover. Also in this update is a new tree to climb. See if you can figure out which one it is. Here’s a clue: it’s generally big and a little bushy.


New reactive elements: Flame and Poison ooze. These are the initial steps towards creating reactive elements that not only affect game units and objects in specific ways but will also react to other kinds of reactive elements. For now these two elements just do damage to objects. In the future when other reactive elements are added like Ice then we’ll see elements react with each other. For example, Fire and Ice will have a canceling reaction effect. Other possible reactive elements include pitch (oil), cure dust, gun powder, water.

Fire and Poison arrows have been enhanced to make use of these new reactive elements.

New Upgrade: Fire Bomb – explodes into a few fireballs that cause the areas they impact to catch on fire.

Poison Bomb enhanced to now explode with a few poison ooze globs in addition to the poison blast wave.

Added climbable tree that acts just like a tower but it only blocks shots that hit the tree’s main leafy areas (and not the base of the tree).

Improved structure death animation. Structures that are now destroyed are slightly darker.

Reintegrated and improved projectile streak visuals as seen with fire and poison arrows among other places.

Catapults and Trebuchets for both teams now have a chance of firing a fire bomb projectile that acts similar to the Fire Bomb arrow upgrade.

Poison Spitting Monsters now leave globs of ooze on impact with the ground or a unit.

New damage popup text for poison and fire reactive element damage.

Note: Several of these features are experimental and may need further testing and balancing. If you notice any problems or bugs then feel free to contact us.

Bowmaster Winter Storm Beta Update

This week’s update includes some cool new features. Enemy Mages and Pikemen are new and improved, the User Interface has some new enhancements, and in general the game is enhanced with some balancing and bug fixes. Enjoy!

Play Winter Storm Beta


Mages now have magic shields. These shields essentially block projectiles from hitting the mage and also any ally within the radius of the shield. Shields are larger and have more hit points for higher rank mages.

Tip: Evil Army mage shields are generated by pure Dark magic. They are extremely weak to Light elemental attacks but they gain energy from Dark elemental attacks.

Two types of Mage behaviors are now randomly loaded for each mage:

Support Mage AI: Focuses on healing allies and conserves mana for only casting healing. Will start casting healing as soon as any ally has even just a scratch. Seeks out towers to gain cast distance bonuses but will leave a tower to move towards an injured ally that is out of range.

Attack Mage AI: Focuses on casting magic attack orbs that seek out enemy targets. Will only heal nearby allies if they conveniently in range and are in dire need of healing (hp below 25%).
For now mages have a 50/50 chance of being assigned either behavior upon creation. They will use this behavior for their entire lifetime. This design may change in the future.


Pikemen helmets are now correctly loaded by rank (better helmets are loaded the higher the rank).

Helmets are now degradable. If you hit a helmet enough times it will eventually pop off the unit’s head leaving his critical hit area exposed. Higher tier helmets have more hit points but currently no pikeman helmet is indestructible as was the case before. At the time of this update, these helmets are highly resistant to all physical attacks (slice, pierce, blunt) but are neither strong nor weak against Elemental attacks. Tip: use any elemental arrow (e.g. Fire arrow) against helmets instead of the Basic, Pierce, Blunt, Slice or Fork arrow.

Other Updates:

New UI Feature: Newly purchased bow skills are automatically placed into available slots in your action bar so you no longer have to manually place the skills from skill book when in game. You still have the ability rearrange you action bar. If there are no empty slots then newly purchased skills will not be placed.

Tip: you have multiple action bars so if your active action bar is full then look to one of the other action bars for newly purchased skills by clicking on the up/down action bar buttons located to the right of the action bar or by scrolling with your mouse wheel.

Tip: A quick way to alternate between multiple bow skills is to place your desired skills in the first slot of each action bar row. Then all you have to do is scroll up or down with the mouse wheel to change to a new skill.

Tip: You probably already know that you can quickly access action bar skill buttons by pressing the corresponding number. You should also know that you can quickly access skill mods by pressing SHIFT and a number key that corresponds to the mod you want.

New UI Feature: Number of remaining enemy units is now displayed in the Evil Army health status bar at the top right.

The Evil Army size now grows in size more gradually each level.

The maximum Evil Army size is reached at a later level than before and has been reduced from 150 to 80 in order to prevent levels from lasting too long.

Added flak bomb explosion sound effects.

Fixed some animation issues with catapult, trebuchet, and shield grunt.

Fixed issue with Wacky Bomb and Chain Lightning costing very little mana.

Bowmaster Winter Storm Beta Update

This week’s update consists of a few game balances, some weapon tweaks, and a new user interface component.


The long awaited ability to toggle ally units on/off is finally here, and the peasants rejoice. If you purchased the ability to summon units then you’ll see buttons in the bottom middle portion of the screen. If you want to only summon a specific type of unit you just need to turn off all other units by clicking their buttons. These are toggle buttons so just click them on and off like a checkbox. Unit loading order is still randomized between all enabled unit types, but if you want to micromanage the order in which units are built you can just disable all but one type, and then when the desired amount of units are reached then disable that button and enable the next unit type you want to load. For One versus One boss encounters the unit toggle user interface is invisible. The settings will be saved between levels but currently get reset when you close your browser. These settings may become saved to your profile in a future update.

Flak bombs can now once again do multiple damage to a single unit. So if you’re skilled enough to detonate the flak bomb close enough to an enemy (or hit the enemy directly) then you may cause massive damage. However, the damage per shrapnel shard has been decreased and the maximum number of shards that can damage a single unit has been capped.

If a flak bomb hits the ground then only half of the flak bits escape the blast. The blast shards are ejected away from the ground.

If a flak bomb is too close to the ground it’s damage potential is reduced. For maximum damage detonate the flak bomb a third of screen’s height from the ground.
Elemental and physical weakness multipliers have been increased. This means that overall units take more damage from elemental bonuses than before. This means that you should be able to see much greater impacts with the right elemental attack even at lower ranks. For example, a level 2 ice arrow giving 2 damage versus a fire dragon with max ice weakness (-10 to ice) will take a total of 20 damage (ten times the damage). Comparing this to a rank 10 basic arrow with 10 pierce damage against the fire dragon (0 weakness to pierce) equals a total of just 10 damage. So you see that with just a rank 3 ice arrow you will see twice the damage as a maxed rank basic arrow. (These numbers are hypothetical, and the damage multipliers and per-enemy weaknesses will likely continue to change throughout the beta).

Reported issue: Some users have reported that the Victory Banner that pops up sometimes stays there indefinitely. It would seem that the code I previously added to help prevent this issue did not solve the issue. If you notice this problem or any others please contact using the contact form located here:

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