Bowmaster Winter Storm Beta Update 0.2.2

New graphical improvements to the Skill and Upgrade Books. New game mode – “Gather the Artifacts.” Stay tuned for more updates to come! Play Bowmaster Winter Storm


Upgrade Window layout improved. Popup text size increased to improve readability. Book size maximized to fill more of the screen. Added hero image, name, and rank. Minor changes to graphics to make it easier to distinguish between locked, unlocked and purchased upgrades.

In Game Skill Book graphics improved. Added silver border to drag icons. Changed book colors to be consistent with the upgrade window graphics. Improved default position of skill book.

Added hero rank dependencies for skills. This has no effect on already purchased upgrades, but for new purchases from now on you may see a minimum rank requirement before being able to purchase the skill. Disclaimer: the hero rank system still needs to be tuned a bit (e.g. there will be a max rank and the xp per rank may change) . The current rank requirements on the current upgrades may also not be perfectly balanced (i.e. too generous or too strict). Feel free to let us know.

Next Week

New allied units and upgrades including a friendly healer unit. Snow season graphical changes. And More!

Bowmaster Winter Storm Beta Update 0.2.1

Some new GUI graphics and introducing the new shooting mode ‘Drag Anywhere’. Read more below for details. Play Bowmaster Winter Storm


Update Graphical UI Layout – Added hero icon with hero rank number next to health and mana bars. Shortened mana and health bars to make room (you’re hp and mana values are not affected).

‘Drag Anywhere’ pull string method allows people using the ‘Pull String’ shooting style to drag from anywhere on the screen (as long you don’t click a button). No need to change anything in the settings if you’re already using Pull String — You can now either click and drag from the green circle OR click and drag in an open area outside of the circle. The choice is yours as you play. The aiming indicators work basically the same and are relative to the hero’s point of view. This mode of shooting could be helpful to those that think the green circle is too restrictive when playing near the edge of the screen. Note: the bow power will max out when the green line on the hero no longer extends. The drag anywhere line (gray) is just a reference to help you adjust your angle and will be drawn from where you started your click to where your mouse is dragged to.

Note: Christmas decorations and ‘Save Christmas’ mode will remain active until next update. But don’t worry, the new game mode will be converted to something similar in the future. Until then, enjoy those last minute gifts!

Have an Epic Christmas and Glorious New Year! [Bowmaster Update 0.2.0]

Play Bowmaster Winter Storm! Check out the new holiday updates! Gifts are literally raining from the heavens. Santa, whilst performing evasive maneuvers to avoid dragon fire, dropped a few presents and needs your help getting them back!

New Mission Type

Save Christmas! – Save the presents from obliteration. Use your grunts to return the gifts to the Christmas tree. Likewise, make sure to prevent the evil army from stealing the gifts. The Evil army seems to be making an evil stew and the main ingredient is broken dreams and unfulfilled holiday wishes — prevent the evil army from taking presents back to their boiling cauldrons.


Featuring new original intro music by Jonathan Adamich

Featuring classic and new original music by MarcusTYR


Fixed issue that caused the Ice/Fire Storm from being summoned if the summon arrow was shot from too close to the edge of the screen.


Added new allied unit ranking system. Allied unit ranks are now relative to your hero rank — an “upper rank” value is calculated depending on your hero rank. The higher your hero rank the higher the upper rank can be. It’s not a one-to-one relationship. You should start to see rank 2 units at hero rank 7, and rank 10 (max rank) units at hero rank 31. Unit ranks are still randomized from rank 1 to upper rank where upper rank is capped at 10.

Bowmaster Winter Storm Beta Update

New Ice Arrow enhancements! The Ice Arrow is more powerful than ever. Slow down your foes as you chill them to the bone. Freeze enemies with repeated ice attacks and then pummel them with blunt attacks for extra damage. Freeze dragons and watch them fall to the ground and then take steady aim as they are powerless to evade. Watch the earth erupt with spikes of razor sharp ice crystals should your arrow land upon the ground. Play Bowmaster Winter Storm


New trees to match the season.

Improved, more natural looking tree distribution.

Ice arrow now with extra awesome.

New visuals to indicate when a unit is Cold or Frozen (Note: a unit that is encased in ice is no longer always dead — he could just be temporarily frozen which means he will eventually thaw out and seek vengeance).

Damage popup numbers that fall to the ground (e.g. Flame and Poison ooze damage) now fall a little below the ground so that they no longer clutter up the ground portion of the battlefield.

Note to Beta Testers (that means you): The cold/freeze system is fairly new and may require additional testing. Please test out the new ice effects and see if you can break anything and let us know if you do. Also, we received some new bug reports since last update for a few non-critical issues but we’re still in the process of fixing these and we hope to fix these issues by the next update. As always if you have any feedback feel free to leave a comment in the blog, forum or even email lostvectors (at)

Also, take note of the new Bowmaster Poll in the right panel. I will be adding more polls as time goes on. Hopefully these will help us determine what users want and how to better focus development efforts.

Bowmaster Winter Storm Beta Update

New Bowmaster Winter Storm Updates! Enhanced Spike Trap Arrow and Fire Arrow. Damage popup text improved. New and improved shooting style selection screen during profile creation with animations that explain how each shooting style works.


Shooting style selection screen in the profile creation wizard is no longer just text. Animations demonstrate the different shooting modes. This is a more effective way to help new players understand how each of the shooting styles works.

Added ready status indicator to pull string shooting style in the form of an arrow tip. This is in addition to the drag-circle color. The issue that occurred before was that if a user pulled the circle off screen then there wasn’t an easy way to tell if their selected arrow was ready to shoot unless they glanced down at the action bar. Now if the circle is dragged off screen the user needs only to glance at the hero unit to see the color of the arrow-tip indicator. Just a reminder about the color codes: Green means ready to shoot, Blue means not enough mana, Gray means cooldown time not finished, Red means not enough mana and cooldown time not finished.

Hunter’s Spike Trap Arrow no longer breaks on contact with objects. In fact, the arrow no longer hits any object but the ground at which point it deploys. This will enable Hunter’s to place traps directly underneath mobs of enemies. If you liked the challenge of placing traps by avoiding hitting objects then let me know in the blog comments. Otherwise if you really like not having your spike traps break on contact with objects then let us know how happy you now are.

Significantly increase the base-level mana regen rate. Slightly increased the mana regen rate bonus for the mana regen upgrade.

Fire Arrow now places a damage-causing flame when contacting the ground (instead of placing a little flame that doesn’t do any damage). Anyone that walks across the flame will take damage.

Increased mana cost of Fire Arrow, Earth Arrow, and Electro Arrow (due to their recent boost in awesomeness).

Damage popups from unit melee attacks no longer show up all in the same spot — they should be easier to see now. Also if the damage caused by a unit is primarily elemental then you will know this by the color of the popup text.


Fixed bug that caused the debug flash player to show a null reference error when hitting Fire Elemental Grunts with an Electro Arrow or Chain Lightning arrow.

Bowmaster Winter Storm Beta Update

New Upgrades! Now featuring elemental blast-wave spells! These are similar to the wave spells in Bowmaster Prelude except they now behave differently when in-air or on-ground. For example, when the Earth-Wave arrow hits the ground the earth cracks open and spires of rock burst up, damaging any enemies standing in the area, but when the Earth-Wave arrow is detonated above ground a rift of Earth energy is summoned that explodes into several boulders that damage all enemies in their path. Check out the new wave spells!


Shrapnel, Bomb, Earth, Flame, and Ice wave spells added.

Changed the name of the Wind Arrow to Electro Arrow.

Electro Arrow now causes a minor chain-lighting effect that is similar but less powerful than the Mage’s Chain Lightning arrow.

Mage’s Chain Lightning changed to do burst damage instead of damage-over-time and the arch range has been increased.

Earth Arrow now causes a burst of rocks to explode out on impact that do damage to any objects they collide with.

Added sound effect and additional explosion animation for Fire Bomb.

Removed the deflect capability of the Skeleton Giant’s weapon.

Improved damage Pop-up text that is easier to see and is now color coded to show what kind of damage was inflicted.


Fixed bug that caused flames to get stuck in air when they should have been stuck to an object.

Fixed bug that caused pierce arrows to go through buildings.

Fixed issue that caused the Giant Skeleton warrior to attack enemies that were out of range.

Fixed issue that caused arrows to pass through the necks of certain grunt units without doing any damage.

Bowmaster Winter Storm Beta Update

New Upgrades! Ice and Fire will fall from the sky. No foe will be safe from your elemental wrath. Play Bowmaster Winter Storm.


Added powerful spells: Fire Storm and Ice Storm. These spells are very versatile — the storm spell will react differently depending on how you shoot the summon arrow. For example, if you shoot the summon arrow at the ground, the projectiles will be isolated to an area of the ground but if you shoot the arrow into the sky the projectiles will hit random places all throughout the terrain. If the summon arrow hits the edge of the screen then the storm projectiles will travel in the direction you shot (tip: good for taking down flying units). And finally, if your summon arrow hits a target, then the storm of projectiles will aim at the target even if it moves.

Note: some players have reported issues with flames sticking to objects far from their bodies as if they are floating in air not attached to anything. This issue will be investigated and fixed as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience.

Bowmaster Winter Storm Beta Update

Bowmaster Winter Storm’s Skill Shop has undergone the first stage of its re-beautification process. This round of remodeling comes with sleeker looking skill icons. Go check out the shop. Also featured in this update is a bug fix that exterminates zombie archers.


Skill Shop graphics updates: Made it easier to see what the locked out upgrades look like and added mouse-over icon effects.
Chain lighting should now only target units that are alive and no longer attack structures and dead units.


Fixed a bug that caused dead allied archers to come back to life as invulnerable zombies when the Archer volley skill is used. (Thanks Guillermo for locating the source of the zombie-archer infestation).

Coming Soon:

The graphical updates to the skill shop is a prelude to more upgrades to come. I didn’t want to start adding brand new products to a dusty old shop. Stay tuned and expect to see lots more updates next week!

Bowmaster Winter Storm Beta Update

The days are getting shorter yet the heat is unrelenting. Is there a Winter Storm on the horizon? Only time will tell. But be careful what you wish for. There is no blanket nor fire that will comfort you from the icy wrath of the impending Frost Blight. Play Winter Storm Beta


Gold Bonus now awarded for Victories

Gold Bonus now awarded for destroying an enemy castle

Graphical updates to the Victory and Defeat screens

Miscellaneous GUI graphics updates

Added a descriptive level title and the victory award gold bonus to the level objectives pop up

Improved stats layout on Profile Selector Page

Some minor performance optimizations

Increased Boss hit points in One vs One battles

Bowmaster Winter Storm Beta Update

Happy Halloween! Enjoy these spooky and scary updates to Bowmaster Winter Storm!


Spiders have unique death sounds.

Tree leaves changed color from green to orange.

Spider melee attack damage reduced.

Grunt melee attack damage increased.

Archer arrow damage increased.

Archer cooldown time between shots decreased.

New unit skin: Scare Crow (Skeleton Giant)


Pikeman is no longer a scaredy cat and no longer sits at the edge of the screen doing nothing.

Fixed description for Multi Homing and Homing arrows (no longer says TBD).

Poison Arrow impact damage significantly reduced (because it does DoT now).

Fixed issue where victory and defeat counts were not being saved to the profile.

Fixed issue where a flame or ooze glob would stay stuck and hover in air when its host unit dies.