Bowmaster Winter Storm Beta Update 0.2.11

This week includes some game balancing and bug fixes. Let us know what you think or if you notice any bugs by leaving a comment in the blog. Play Bowmaster Winter Storm


Adjusted how damage is inflicted by wave arrows.

Increase duration of flames from flame wave arrow.

Increase freezing power of Ice related skills.

Adjusted how sound effects are played. (e.g. reduced volume of melee fighting, but left projectiles and explosion impact sounds at normal volume).

Increased the max ranks for blunt, slice, pierce and fork arrows.

Increased the impact Ice has on making units weaker to blunt damage.

Fixed bug that caused the music to play and then suddenly stop during the loading screen. Music should play or not play correctly depending on your current profile settings even during loading.

Debug Note from Jason: I added some debug code that may show up in a pop up window if an error occurs. I noticed the error during testing but it seems to be a rare occurrence. If you’re game halts and you see a popup window then be sure to leave me feedback and maybe send me a screenshot. You can contact me by leaving a comment in the blog, using the contact form on the blog site, or by emailing lostvectors (at)

Bowmaster Winter Storm Beta Update 0.2.10

This week introduces a cool new feature called the “Final Wave.” When the enemy army gets low on reinforcements it uses the remaining forces all at once in a final push towards your base. At this point, certain types of units have a chance of jumping into battle from off screen instead of just walking (archers, grunts, and shield grunts). The Final Wave is a balanced set of units meaning that you don’t have to worry about seeing a bunch of large dragons, spitter monsters, golems and siege weapons come out all at once. The goal of the Final Wave is to make the last part of the battle seem more exciting than before which sometimes ended up with a small trickle of enemies being released. Play Bowmaster Winter Storm

Another important feature is the introduction of on-screen unit caps by group type. In the past units were only capped by specific type. For example, the system could limit the number of big ice dragons to one on screen at a time, but it couldn’t say only one of any type of large dragon. So you would still end up having 1 ice dragon, 1 ice medium sized dragon, 1 ice small dragon, 1 fire dragon, 1 medium fire dragon.. etc… so a maximum number of up to 9 powerful dragons on screen at once (not counting pest dragons). Now the game can limit units by group type. Presently the max number of any type of big dragon (doesn’t include pest dragons) is 2. Spitters and siege weapons have been grouped together and are now limited to 3 on screen at once. Due to the decrease in number of these types of units their hp values have been increased slightly.

Other updates:

Increased speed of shield unit when shield is being held up from 35% normal speed to 75% normal speed.

Added Archer jumping and launching animation.

Fixed issue that caused high level grunt skins to show up on low level grunts.

Next Update: Game Balancing, Bug Fixes, and Graphical Updates

Bowmaster Winter Storm Beta Update 0.2.9

New Allied Grunt Unit Graphics! This week is the first of several graphical updates planned for Bowmaster Winter Storm. The Human Grunt soldier now has unique skins for each rank from 1 to 10, with each skin looking more impressive than the last. Also new this week is the change to the color of the health bars and the way unit rank is displayed. Play Bowmaster Winter Storm

Green hp bars are for allied units, and red are for your opponents. The symbolic rank icons have been replaced with colored number rank icons just below the hp/mana bars. Your units have green icons, and the bad guys have red icons. The rank is represented by the number in the middle of the circular icon. Now it should be easier to assess the situation when your units are in battle and mixed together with enemy units.

Also the Priest’s heal power has been slightly increased.

Next Update: Continue to implement more graphical updates to units. Game balancing tweaks and bug fixes.

As always feel free to provide feedback. You can do this by contacting the email or by submitting your comment to the blog for all to see.

Bowmaster Winter Storm Beta Update 0.2.8

A new enemy approaches! The Rock Golem! He towers high above all other units. He is a slow moving tank unit with several powerful abilities. He can stomp and smash the ground for AoE damage. He can hurl large boulders great distances with pin-point accuracy. He is resistant to Fire, Ice, Earth and Poison attacks. He is weak to Lightning. His joints, crotch, torso and toes are his weak points. His arms, legs, and head take normal damage. His hands and shoulders act as shields. Play Bowmaster Winter Storm

Next Update: Unit Skin Graphical overhaul. Unit graphics will receive some much needed tweaking and optimizing. The goal is to improve unit contrast and style while maintaining good performance. As a bonus you may find new and additional unit skins to help distinguish units by rank. For example, the basic grunt soldier at rank 1 may have simple looking armor whereas the rank 10 grunt soldier will have more epic looking armor. Stay tuned!

Bowmaster Winter Storm Beta Update 0.2.7

Two new powerful Light and Dark skills available! The “Dark Mark” and “Light Wisp Bomb.” These are AoE crowd control skills that do lots of Light or Dark elemental damage. Enjoy! Play Bowmaster Winter Storm

Next Update: New Unit: Elemental Golem – giant slow moving elemental units that have lots of hit points and powerful attacks. Even when you exploit their elemental weaknesses it will take a lot to bring them down.

Bowmaster Winter Storm Beta Update 0.2.6

A mysterious figure approaches your camp. Is it a messenger of doom sent by The Evil Army to demand your surrender? It is not. He is a rogue hermit wandering the lands, yet never quite alone. An ominous presence, like an aura, surrounds him. He is The Warlock. Play Bowmaster Winter Storm


New Unit: The Warlock. Summons ancient skeleton warriors to fight as his personal minions. Casts a bolt of dark energy that impacts an area with a great amount of blast force good at pushing back the enemy.

Mage units can re-cast their shield if they lose it if they have enough mana and the cooldown time for the spell has expired.

New mage staff graphics for ally priest and attack mage.


Fixed issue that caused projectiles to be destroyed when they got close to the left or right edges of the screen.

Reduced volume of impact sounds

Fixed issue that caused the victory and defeat music to play even if the user specified no music in the game options.

Re-adjusted the unit sizes (reduced size relative to last week’s update).

Next Week

New Light and Dark skills.

Bowmaster Winter Storm Beta Update 0.2.5

An elite ninja warrior offers his assistance. He is an outcast of the Guild of Assassins, a group that has allied with the evil army. For reasons unknown he vows to join your cause and seek vengeance upon his former brethren. He is a powerful and agile melee fighter with several special attacks that are revealed as he increases in rank. Play Bowmaster Winter Storm


New Unit: Ninja Warrior
Increased size of units to make their detail more noticeable
Improved graphics of attack mage and priest skins


Allied Mage and Priest Shields no longer take damage from elemental entities like fire and poison
Fixed issue that caused resting ninjas to not fight back when attacked

Next Week

New Allied Unit: Warlock — casts special spells that can hinder the enemies ability to attack. Can summon undead minions. Also, new spells for Priests and Mages including the ability to re-cast a new magic shield if theirs is destroyed.

Update: 2/7/2011

Fixed some issues with latest post. Projectiles should no longer hit an invisible wall next to the edges of the screen.

Added new health and mana bars.

Reduced HP of hero ninja unit.

Fixed bug that caused hero dragon to get hurt by cure arrows.

Bowmaster Winter Storm Beta Update 0.2.4

A noble Dragon has joined in your fight! Enlist him into your army at the upgrade shop and watch him patrol the skies, unleashing righteous fury upon your foes. Play Bowmaster Winter Storm.


New Unit: White Dragon. Armed with a unique light elemental attack that can home in on enemy targets. He also features unique AI that grants him increased mobility when flying. He can stay airborne longer due to his increased mana pool and mana regeneration compared to enemy dragons.

XP and hero rank rebalanced. Increased the level of xp required to Level Up. Max Rank set to 60.

Added improved Level Up graphics and animation.

Changed xp bar color from blue to gold to improve contrast.

Allied Attack Mage magic attacks are no longer blocked by elements such as fire, poison and ice.


Allied Mage and Priest Shields no longer block cure arrows

Fixed issue that prevented players from acquiring the Trebuchet and Shield Grunt

Next Week

New Allied Unit: The Ninja. You’ve seen the enemy ninjas and soon you’ll be able to give them a taste of their own medicine with this new friendly unit.

Bowmaster Winter Storm Beta Update 0.2.3

Fresh new snow. New Allied Units: Priest and Attack Mage. Improved skill book information layout. Enjoy the latest weekly update to Bowmaster Winter Storm!


New Unit: Priest – Heals injured allies.
New Unit: Attack Mage – Attacks enemies with magical attacks.
Random chance of there being snow on trees.


Improved the Skill/Upgrade Book information text popup so that it doesn’t cover up the Skill Icon that the mouse cursor is over.

Next Week

New Allied Unit: White Dragon. He has an untainted soul and will ally himself with your cause. He is on a mission to free his brethren from the evil spell that has caused all other dragons to fight as slaves for the side of evil. This and more next week. Stay tuned!