Hello, My Name is Jason Reinsvold

I am also known as LostVector.

I’m currently (still) working on a space game which I’m calling “SpaceCraft… something something”. I’ve been in the process of converting my pre-alpha prototype from Flash to Unity. I recently tested my new Unity build on my iPad and my Android Phone and both are running smoothly. Stay tuned for more info to come. Sorry I have not posted more updates recently. I will rectify this.

-Jason Reinsvold

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  1. Marc says:

    Nice. I feel like having a little more work done for Bowmaster Winterstorm would be a good thing too since it’s a really well made game and one of my favorites but there can be more upgrades available, especially a mana upgrade since by the time you’re nearly done with the game and the enemies get tougher and increase, you barely have enough mana for 2 powerful arrows at the max upgrade. So for mana and other stuff like automated events (christmas, cartoon outline, and more from back then when every week had a special event when fighting enemies) to be brought back I feel would greatly improve the game so nice job on it so far! :)

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  2. cenker cennet says:

    I used to play a lot your games when i was young . Now i making game in unity3d too :)

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    • LostVector says:

      Cool! Are you working on a team or solo? And what’s your expertise? Programming, Art, Animation, Design?

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      • cenker cennet says:

        Solo and all of these right now , I’m making little android game. Actually started to 3d game one year ago but I delayed. According to the experienced one , I started to diffucult game.So I listened him and delayed. In previous post , I said i was young :) i meant childhood between 8-12 . Now I’m 17. I decided to go game development university in germany for prove and improve myself.

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        • LostVector says:

          Awesome! Have fun at Game Development School and with Unity. It’s a great tool that gets you exposure to all sides of game development and it has lots of support and online learning materials. And thanks for playing my games! If you ever make a public alpha let me know :)

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  3. BW says:

    I’ve been following your game development periodically since I was in elementary school, starting with Bowmaster (still my favorite series). Eight years later and now I’m starting college, and I’m glad you’re still around and developing :)

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  4. samuk190 says:

    Hello, my name is Samuel Wallace, I’m From Brazil. Actually in Sao Paulo.
    I will tell how i had fun with your games.
    When i was young, I just have curiosity to find games in internet.
    with a poor computer and very slow connection…
    So, I didnt understand how to read english texts…
    but your game bowmaster helped me alot, the first english word that i’ve learned was BOW lol…you was the developer that make me like strategy games….
    There’s no a single game that you’ve done that I dont like.
    I prefer the bowmaster series, because the mechanic and the expertise…
    It was hard to make games in 2007, because the internet was not too big as it is today.. and you did! you did!!! Now developers earn money easy with strategy pay2win games, they use what you did in your games… FUN!…
    I can’t explain, its awesome what you’ve done, and you deserve to be rich!!
    So thanks Jason Reinsvold….
    I only ask you to continue what you’ve done, make a bowmaster version for steam… or MOONMASTER.. OMG THE CONCEPT OF THE MOONMASTER IS AWESOME.
    Mobile is future too… so please think atleast ok? 😀 thanks for everything.
    I’ve learned that programming alone is not a good idea, if you want a programmer studant to help.. I’m glad to help and learn…

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  5. samuk190 says:

    And bowmaster 2? xD …
    Celia is your wife? good way to say you love someone… at the bottom of bowmaster

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  6. Alex K says:

    I need some tips for Spaceship (not referring to Spaceship ARMADA). How do I field more ships at a time in battle? Have I been using too many parts in my ships?

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  7. Alex K says:

    I meant Spacecraft! My mistake!

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  8. Alex K says:

    How do I make faster ships in Space Craft?

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  9. Alex K says:

    How do you keep the parts that you earn from achievements when you win battles?

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  10. Victor says:

    Man, your flash games were my childhood, recently I started playing the bowmaster series again, Prelude is still my favorite. Thanks for your hard work, you’ve brought fun to tons of people as I can see. Keep it going, I wish you the best, greetings from Mexico.

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