Play SpaceCraft – Get Lucky


It’s St. Patrick’s Day so celebrate by playing the latest update to SpaceCraft! It’s like a pot of gold for your mind. So be creative and start building some GREEN spaceships with GREEN parts!

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  1. uryuu says:


    In Bowmaster Winterstorm, there’s a bug that’s a very big problem: Troops don’t respawn in the 2nd time when they died (Story mode).
    Example: My Ninja get killed and don’t respawn again… :(


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  2. Samuel says:

    MORE THAN 7 years ago , every year , or every mounth i come here
    its awesome 7 years of homepage, thanks lostvector
    you first famous game >Bowmaster Prelude come TOP 1# in 2007-2008
    and its awesome this,i played u version older of bowmaster prelude too
    so , thanks for awesome games, continue !!

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  3. The Khan says:

    Well, it seems to have worked. There are a lot more people voting now. :) Can’t wait for the nest version. Keep up the good work. :)

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  4. Draco3875 says:

    One of my friends introduced me to your site and I have to say, there are some great games. I don’t make games myself (Minecraft mods and MUGEN are as close as I get) but I can tell your latest spacecraft definitely has a lot of potential. Early stages or not it still beats a lot of “creator” games out there, Keep up the great work!
    I also have a few parts and other ideas, if you have a blog or something for that then I’ll be happy to contribute.
    I have also noticed that some of your games lack in sound FX a little, I’m only intermediate with this but I might be able to make some things if you want.
    :) It will be fun to watch this game evolve, keep it up!

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  5. Richgar says:

    What do I do after I’m done building? There’s no button to go back. The only keyboard buttons that work are space, to turn on and off the fps display, and x, which hides everything :S

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  6. Richgar says:

    Oh nvm. It seems in chrome the window doesn’t default to show everything. I first have to right click and select “show all” and then I have to hit the x button. Then the menu on the bottom shows up and i can see the whole screen.

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  7. etanK says:

    How do I even play Spacecraft? I can build and buy stuff but when I go to battle, I can’t move, or shoot or do anything, Am I missing something, or is the game that bad that there are no instructions? Honestly, it seems like a good concept for a game. But with no instructions, there isn’t any way to play.

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    • LostVector says:

      This game is in pre-alpha, so “play” it however you like. If you enjoy building ships or watching random battles then great. If you need more features that provide more interactivity and control, then maybe come back later when this free game is further developed. As for there being no instructions, this is indeed a fair comment, as I do not currently have a tutorial built in. I may have a tutorial in the future. Thanks for your feedback. Stay tuned for updates.

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