Bowmaster Winter Storm Updated

I’ve released an update to Bowmaster Winter Storm. Check it out! Bowmaster Winter Storm



  1. I’ve redesigned the login system
  2. Several game balance updates
  3. Optimized performance
  4. Re-enabled the skeleton giant unit
  5. Added new damage impact effects
  6. Misc bug fixes

Let me know if you notice any bugs, or if you have any issues importing old profiles into the new system. The game should automatically prompt you to import them if it sees you have saved profiles in your browser cache. If it doesn’t, just login with your email (no password required) and then go to the Profiles section and click the “Import” button on the bottom.

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20 Responses to Bowmaster Winter Storm Updated

  1. The Khan says:

    Well, with this update the loading before the game is so very much shorter. Thanks. :)

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  2. Rockmanzero says:


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  3. Javier says:

    The Pikeman’s take too much time to recover health

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    • Javier says:

      Also there is another issue: the archers aim wrongly to the pikemen, they aim to the middle of the pole.

      Thanks for the game, it’s very entertaining.

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      • LostVector says:

        Thanks for the feedback. Those are some good points.

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        • Bowmasterfan says:

          Hi Jason,

          It would be really cool if you added different types of allied units like spearman, axeman and monsters. Also could you make it so we can get more than 1 catapult, trebuchet, wolf and dragon out onto the battlefield at the same time? Thanks.


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        • To: Lostvector
          The dark mage appears as dark attack mage (which means the dark mage needs to be remodeled).
          Thank you.

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  4. Uryuu says:

    The Skeleton Giants are back?!
    I love you!!! 😀

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  5. Ruhtra says:

    Maybe a BowMaster WS Online one day?
    and thanks for the Great Game!

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  6. Prospero says:

    It seems that the allied units are now very restricted (only a dozen of allies per game, even in practice mode). Is this a will ?

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    • Bowmasterfan says:

      Yeah I find that really annoying. When some allies get killed, the new ones take ages to come out and replace them. I would love it if we could have rock golems fighting on our side as well. I would also love it if there were those poison spitting chompers on our side as well as the ‘Evil Army’ side.

      Jason should have a forum on here called ‘Calling all ideas for Bowmaster’ where everyone says the things they would like to happen in the game.

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      • Actually we would all probably love it if Jason made an arrow that can summon those creatures. Earth arrow abilities could summon one Golem as a temporary fighter in each game and chompers on poison arrow abilities. The Destructor should summon the golem and hunter should summon the chomper.

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  7. Bowmasterfan says:

    It would be good if the characters from Warlords 2 Rise Of Demons were in this game then it would make a massive war!

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  8. Dark mage appears as dark attack mage.

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  9. RedFruit says:

    Profiles import don’t work.

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  10. Quenchwhy says:

    This is my favorite game he’s made. Though I wish you can have a rock golem in your army.

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  11. Quenchwhy says:

    I also hate fighting them though since they have so much health and regenerate whenever i need more mana

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