SpaceCraft Demo Update 2


New Update!

Added new parts to play with, as well as improved the ship rating system. Now when you go to rate ships you are given a random set of ships and at the end of voting you earn rewards. So go start judging those ships!

Part inventory has been reset to a random set of initial parts and now you earn more parts by spending coins at the store.


Known Issue:
I’m investigating some issues with the server that seems to require players to do email authentication every login. If you notice this issue then I apologize, I hope to have this resolved soon.

If you notice any other bugs feel free to leave me a comment below.

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7 Responses to SpaceCraft Demo Update 2

  1. Baryonyx says:

    Sorry for not reporting back…

    I tried it again, with IE I had the same problems, using firefox it worked. 😛

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  2. The Khan says:

    Awesome work. Will there be multiplay so we can verse other people with our ships? Plus, is there a way to see what rate our ships have, as in, how many people like and dislike my designs. Keep up the good work, it’s great to have you back and making games again. 😛

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    • LostVector says:

      There will be multi-play in some form or another. One feature I plan on doing has to do with battling against other player fleets. So for example, it would be similar to Clash of Clans where you would choose to engage in battle against another players fleet (not requiring that player to be online). When you win or lose, you get some rewards, and when that player logs back in they are notified that their fleet went to battle as well as inform them of any rewards that came from the result.

      I’m still working on a lot of core features so what you see now is still very much a surface level view of the game. The current battle mode is just a mode, and I added “click to explode” functionality just as a simple thing you can do while you wait for me to add more features to battle mode :) The most obvious of additions to battle mode ships will shoot each other rather than fly around peacefully.

      As for user ratings on ships, you should be able to see the rating in the form of stars displayed at the bottom of your ship in the “Make Ships” section. However, stars will only show up at the bottom if users have voted on your ship (so if it has no votes (good or bad) then no stars will display). If no one is seeing this then it may be a bug or a lack of people voting.


      However, this rating system still needs to be improved. I’m not sure if there’s enough people rating ships at this time (there may be more ships being created than being voted on). I’ve tried to incentivize voting by giving rewards for doing so. I’ll looking into balancing this further. I may have insert more voting prompts, or have voting quests/missions.

      Also, I may still need to improve the ship query code that is responsible for providing you with random ships to vote on. Ideally everyone that creates ships and has “allow voting” enabled should get votes every once and a while — again, this may have to do with the number of ships vs the number of people voting.

      Thanks for the words of encouragement. It feels good to be back. As a bonus, if you’ve read this far… Here’s some news: I’ll be re-releasing Bowmaster Winter Storm with some updates — the update will feature balance changes, performance improvements, a fix that adds a new enemy that was unjustly sidelined for the past two years (my bad), and most importantly, the update will allow Bowmaster Winter Storm to be widely distributable as a stand alone app (swf / maybe air too). So in other words, I plan on allowing anyone to host the game, and I plan on distributing it to all of the major game portals. One of the other big changes is the login/profile system — you’ll no longer be required to have a forum account to save profile data to “da cloud”. Stay tuned for an official announcement soon, but I figured I’d let you know since my efforts towards polishing up WS is directly responsible to my lack of updates to SpaceCraft 😉

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      • The Khan says:

        I’m happy you had the time to reply to my post. Another thing, just a small thing, but annoying nonetheless. Could you please add a button to delete saved ships?

        I actually remember emailing you a few years back about if you had plans on making Space Combat Training Simulator into a full game with multiplayer, story and other such features. I really like the new game concept and think you should continue with it. :) You’d want to probably get Winter Storm finished and out of the way first though so you can dedicate more time to SpaceCraft. When Winter Storm is released will it be on the Google Play Store and the App Store or will we have to download it here?

        Also, I can see the stars now. Maybe ships that haven’t been voted on can have 5 empty stars underneath. Maybe a counter to show how many people have voted too. Also, is there any way to make the textures bigger so that when you make the ship pieces bigger they aren’t all pixelated?

        Also, I’m getting a solid 50-60 FPS on both the WOBA Space Demo and SpaceCraft on my crappy Internet and crappy computer.

        Once again, good job and it’s good to have you back. I’m sorry you lost your old job as well, it sounded like fun as well as a good experience. (I only just found out that you were back today 😛 )

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  3. The Khan says:

    I thing I found two bugs, when I start a battle it takes 1-2 minutes before any ships start appearing, the “Back” button doesn’t show up until the ships show up either.

    The other one is that when building a ship, if you bring the two pieces of a Wing type piece than the one on the right overlaps the one on the left, which is fine and all but it also overlaps different pieces on the left even when it’s on the layer behind it. I hope that made sense. If not I’ll try to get a screenshot of it.

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  4. I’m curious if anybody else still uses this site. I do. I feel so lonely. :L

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