SpaceCraft Demo

Here is a pre-alpha version of a game I’m working on. It’s a spacecraft building game.


Stay tuned for updates. As always, feedback is much appreciated.


Step 1: Make a ship

Tap on the left buttons to add parts to your ship.

Tap on the part in the “Ship” panel to select it. When selected, the part will be highlighted red and have circles around it.

Drag the green circle to move the part.

Drag the light-blue circle to rotate and scale the part.

Tap the background to de-select the part.

If a part is selected and you tap a part button from the left, it may swap the part (if applicable).

If no part is selected then tapping on a part button will add a new part to your ship.

Press the “Save” button to save your ship.

Press the “New” button to make a new empty ship.

Press the “Delete” button to delete the selected part.

Press the “Battle” button to watch spacecrafts fly through space.

Step 2: Battle

Note: The Battle mode is a mini-game meant only as a demo (is not the final game).

In battle mode may see your ships as well as ships created by other players. Currently the ships just fly around peacefully, but you may choose which ship lives or dies by tapping on the ships you wish to end.

Victory is achieved by destroying all of the red ships.

Defeat occurs if only red ships exist.

Again, these simple objectives are just for demo purposes and will likely change in future releases.

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5 Responses to SpaceCraft Demo

  1. LOLOR says:

    It looks good, but is this a part of your WOBA game ?

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    • LostVector says:

      Kind of. I plan on expanding the battle modes. One of the modes might be a similar format to the woba demo. Currently the ships just fly around and do nothing. I plan on improving the ai in the near future. Another feature is weapons and modules that you can install just like the current ship parts. You will acquire new parts, weapons, and modules as you complete battles. Then when you deploy ships with weapons they will shoot stuff instead of just flying around doing nothing. Modules are are like functional parts that give bonuses to the ship they are installed on, for example a shield module would provide a limited rechargeable shield. A repair module would turn the ship into a repair drone. A hangar module would spawn small fighter ships. And as far as the basic parts go, they to may provide passive bonuses such as extra hit points or resistances to certain kinds of damage.

      Stay tuned for more updates coming soon.

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  2. Baryonyx says:

    When I try to login, I just get the blank background screen afterwards… when I click “login as guest” it works, when I designed a ship and click battle I get the blank background again… :(

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    • LostVector says:

      That is odd. Email me your email address that you used to register and I will look into the database. Have you been able to log in since then? Perhaps clear your browser cache or logging in from another computer.

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