Space WOBA Game Concept Demo 2


I’ve been in the process of testing a version of this game on my iPad2 and experimenting with techniques to optimize performance. While I cannot make the version I have on my iPad available in the App Store (yet), I have posted the current work in progress of the game here:

Notable Updates:

  • Removed player ship (you only watch now… the player ship was a temporary camera… will add player controls to different kind of space game in the future perhaps)
  • Added camera controls — drag/click to pan; mouse wheel to zoom (on mobile device this works as swipe to pan and pinch to zoom)
  • Optimized graphics (should run faster than the previous demo)
  • New ships and new ship configurations
  • Replaced vector-based stats UI with simple text (for now)
  • New multi-tiered super-minion waves (new ships) — each new super minion wave will spawn more uberer super minions
  • Team colors changed
  • Minor balance changes to credits per kill, credits required to spawn a super minion wave, ship speed, bullet speed, hit points
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7 Responses to Space WOBA Game Concept Demo 2

  1. Julius says:

    Great game! It runs much faster now. You could add smaller weapons and/or rockets to the big ships… so they would look better in combat. Or maybe shields…
    But probably you will have better ideas :)

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  2. Unknown says:

    Wow, this is a really good demo for tablet version. Unfortunately, somebody else beat you to it. :( But I hope you can maybe add a lot of good changes and features that make people love it a lot.
    😀 <3

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  3. Janus says:

    It’d be great if it had voice acting, something along the lines of Star Wars: Empire at War. Wait, is this purely to watch, or do you intend to make player controls, campaigns, etc.? If so, definitely needs voice acting!

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  4. weizhong says:

    This game needs to be made.

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  5. wow25 says:

    Why is there a dog when I click WASD and why does his face change color? xD

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  6. Zygna game are more popular game in present era it can more game publish its a nice game .

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