Friday BMWS Update Coming Later Tonight

I’ve been a bit busy this week so I didn’t get a chance to post a new update to Winter Storm at the usual time. I’ll see what I can do later this evening. Stay tuned! Have a happy Friday!


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2 Responses to Friday BMWS Update Coming Later Tonight

  1. CCCode says:

    A few suggestions i came up with while playing today:

    A screen were we control which units to deploy before round starts (Right after we get to know what game mode we’re getting into)

    Give friendly priests the omni blast or cure blast to take out poison (and stop fires if you give them the omni blast. Maybe you can give the priest 2 ranks, one with cure blast and one with omni blast?)

    Give friendly mages the chain lighting attack like the controlable mage

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  2. hitler says:

    CCCode , and a arrow ideas? mind control arrow idea?
    any trick or things , to make you ride a gragon , the dragon drive and you shot arrows , EVEN CONTROL THE SELF DRAGON , like a tank , you can change positions , cannon to missil launcher (only the modern tanks have it , dam , im wil love drive a tank in a middle of a war.).

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