Bowmaster Winter Storm Beta Update 0.2.11

This week includes some game balancing and bug fixes. Let us know what you think or if you notice any bugs by leaving a comment in the blog. Play Bowmaster Winter Storm


Adjusted how damage is inflicted by wave arrows.

Increase duration of flames from flame wave arrow.

Increase freezing power of Ice related skills.

Adjusted how sound effects are played. (e.g. reduced volume of melee fighting, but left projectiles and explosion impact sounds at normal volume).

Increased the max ranks for blunt, slice, pierce and fork arrows.

Increased the impact Ice has on making units weaker to blunt damage.

Fixed bug that caused the music to play and then suddenly stop during the loading screen. Music should play or not play correctly depending on your current profile settings even during loading.

Debug Note from Jason: I added some debug code that may show up in a pop up window if an error occurs. I noticed the error during testing but it seems to be a rare occurrence. If you’re game halts and you see a popup window then be sure to leave me feedback and maybe send me a screenshot. You can contact me by leaving a comment in the blog, using the contact form on the blog site, or by emailing lostvectors (at)

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30 Responses to Bowmaster Winter Storm Beta Update 0.2.11

  1. CCCode says:

    Nice update, are you going to change the sounds when the skeleton warriors despawn? Right now it just sounds like they die.

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  2. Guillermo says:

    The cure arrow phazes through the enemy O_o. About the sound thing, I think you should just let us have sound settings so that we can adjust it to however we please.

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  3. Mystyr Nile says:

    Suggestion: What if there was another timer onscreen that would resemble the ones on skills, and you could only fire an arrow when that timer runs out? Perhaps it could instead work like AdventureQuest Worlds in that all (ready)skills would start a brief timer simultaneously.
    This could simulate knocking an arrow, rather than firing instantly.

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  4. AIDEN EVESON says:

    the heal arrows go right through the poison dragon

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  5. Anonymous says:

    You forgot to post the next update. 😛

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  6. allen says:

    i dont know if it is just me but the game does not seem to load. All i get is a grey screen. Any ideas. Thanks

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  7. tree man says:

    hey jason when i was loading the game the moving trees were glitching fps wise. game was loading at normal speed so not sure what went wrong there.

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  8. commder says:

    hey jason i found a bug on the game when the enemy mage uses magic it bounced off the ground until its hits my troops or heals his buddys

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  9. KCZ117 says:

    The Cure arrows aren’t working and the lightning arrow doesn’t seem to damage the second enemy it touches (not the chain lightning) and the pierce arrow no longer goes through any dragon, even the little dragons.

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  10. Guillermo says:

    Hey I just noticed that you added hit point numbers on the health and mana bars, when was this? 1300 hp and 800 mp, I never actually knew the numbers until now.

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  11. tree man says:

    im with all the others here. my cure arrow wont work at all. my other fary healing arrow works, but not the normal cure arrow. hope this helps.

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  12. blader4411 says:

    My Cure Arrow works on enemies now, but phases through my allies…

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    • Jason says:

      It will pass through allies that have full health. This way only hurt allies will take the health. Also, if you’re in a building with archers and you’re trying to shoot down a poison dragon the archers will no longer block your cure arrows (unless they need the healing). Hope this makes sense.

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  13. Dobby says:

    I think I found a bug. Destructor’s homemade bomb thingy explodes when it hits acid patches. As well, it activates on buildings without doing any damage.

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  14. saldek says:

    There’s a typo (‘Enemey’ instead of ‘Enemy’). I also can’t save my progress on Firefox 3.6 with cookies enabled and ABP disabled for the site.

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    • saldek says:

      I also have one enhancement request: could you also map the right shift or control key to jump? This would allow me to keep one hand on the mouse for shooting and one hand on arrows + shift for full movement.

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  15. Creatures says:

    The maxed pierce arrow used to pierce dragons but now it doesn’t.

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  16. contactdeeno says:

    Hi Jason,

    i have been playing winter storm for sometime and was interesting initially but for past few days its getting bit boring. When I start the game, the mana is set at 300 . i.e. at start of game just first round mana is 300 and to activate spike traps at rank 10 it requires 200 mana and that is reason it does’nt get activated. Please increase it from 200 to around 600 something. that way the mana ranks good and also spike are activated. without spike it is difficult to win with Golem and others. Also the artifacts are scattered close to enemy and in final wave they fall very close and pick it up easy. its not much fun either. Keep Losing easy and puts mood off. Also i never understood why we run out of arrows after few rounds. initially basic arrows then fire, ice and others. Keep them active. would make it more user friendly.

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  17. The Derf says:

    hey the wacky arrow releases very late and at rank 10 does not stop or even block any projectiles maybe it should be set like the flak bomb and be activated on a key command the initial arrow does not block arrows

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  18. Bloody says:

    Hi Jason! I was thinking that would be awesome to introduce an “active reward” for awesome shots….Gold is good but what if instead of gold u could choose to reload that arrow faster (instead of gold option)…Ex: I am good and shoot only headshots (LOL) i don’t want the gold bonus so, for every head shot or critical shot, i want that arrow (that normally requires 2 sec) to reload faster (e.g. 1 sec)…If u think I ask too much u can give me a penalty i.e. you increase the time arrow recharge if i miss :))

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  19. ntcleric says:

    Jason, I just started a new character out to test how tough it’d be to “begin” the game. I noticed that in the first 9 battles I was challenged with Artifact Collection four times. This was especially difficult since a new character cannot recruit support until Level 5 (to collect the artifacts) and has been unable to purchase weapons greater than a stronger bow or more powerful arrow, therefore has to stand guard over the artifact(s) thrown close to the edge of the screen where the bad guys are pouring in.
    I recommend that either Artifact Collection does not appear until the character has been leveled up sufficiently to purchase support (not necessarily having purchased said support) OR give the character the ability to carry the artifact (and removing the ability to cast arrows and significantly slowing the character down while carrying the artifact).
    I propose the latter will provide a greater challenge to the player because he/she still has to guard the other artifacts while attempting to gather the far-flung artifacts.
    Also, this reminds me of collecting the enemy flag in the Bowmaster Prelude – I totally miss that :)
    and, sorry, haven’t seen any bugs yet :/

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    • Jason says:

      Good feedback and good suggestions. I’ll try to fix this in some way or another. I may allow you to carry the artifact but maybe reduce your movement speed and eliminate the double jump. Maybe you can’t shoot when holding the artifact either. We’ll see.

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