Bowmaster Winter Storm Beta Update 0.2.10

This week introduces a cool new feature called the “Final Wave.” When the enemy army gets low on reinforcements it uses the remaining forces all at once in a final push towards your base. At this point, certain types of units have a chance of jumping into battle from off screen instead of just walking (archers, grunts, and shield grunts). The Final Wave is a balanced set of units meaning that you don’t have to worry about seeing a bunch of large dragons, spitter monsters, golems and siege weapons come out all at once. The goal of the Final Wave is to make the last part of the battle seem more exciting than before which sometimes ended up with a small trickle of enemies being released. Play Bowmaster Winter Storm

Another important feature is the introduction of on-screen unit caps by group type. In the past units were only capped by specific type. For example, the system could limit the number of big ice dragons to one on screen at a time, but it couldn’t say only one of any type of large dragon. So you would still end up having 1 ice dragon, 1 ice medium sized dragon, 1 ice small dragon, 1 fire dragon, 1 medium fire dragon.. etc… so a maximum number of up to 9 powerful dragons on screen at once (not counting pest dragons). Now the game can limit units by group type. Presently the max number of any type of big dragon (doesn’t include pest dragons) is 2. Spitters and siege weapons have been grouped together and are now limited to 3 on screen at once. Due to the decrease in number of these types of units their hp values have been increased slightly.

Other updates:

Increased speed of shield unit when shield is being held up from 35% normal speed to 75% normal speed.

Added Archer jumping and launching animation.

Fixed issue that caused high level grunt skins to show up on low level grunts.

Next Update: Game Balancing, Bug Fixes, and Graphical Updates

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24 Responses to Bowmaster Winter Storm Beta Update 0.2.10

  1. The Bloke says:

    Had a final wave of giant skeletons, which was awesome, especially when I took out half of them with the dark mark.

    Something that really needs updating is the dragon boss fight; ideally the boss dragon should be able to move around in the same way as the light dragon, and not have to land after each use of flame.

    As for the attack, if it were possible to set the dragon breath to emerge one after the other in quick sucession, with random trajectories within, say, 10 degrees of the dragon’s line of aim, then I think that would provide a far greater and more interesting challenge.

    For all I know, you’ve had an update to this planned for a while now. One thing that is certain is that an update to that element is sorely needed to make those boss fights awesome :) I don’t mind if and when this happens; keep the scheduled updates coming as you have planned :)

    One last rather large thing: still getting the odd crash of flash (hey, thats catchy!) from time to time, despite clearing caché and stuff. Ironically, this has not yet been during the final wave or particularly busy moments. Is it possible that an interruption to my internet supply for a very brief moment (which happens sometimes… I think. Its near impossible to spot as the icon for internet access does not respond fast enough) could be doing this? I noticed once that when my internet when down big time, the game stopped functioning properly, indicating to me that some of it is driven by components that need a feed of information from the internet (or something) to keep running.

    I guess a good indicator would be whether anyone else is experiencing a crash of flash every now and then…?

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    • Jason says:

      Thanks for the feedback. I agree that the Kill on Sight encounters need to be tweaked a bit.

      As for crashes… The game doesn’t require any sort of streaming content. Once it’s downloaded and you’re playing you should be able to play indefinitely even if your internet goes down so long as you don’t try to refresh the browser while it is down.

      When you’re playing and then it crashes does the game run noticeably slow prior to it happening or does the game run as smooth as it normally does when you first start and then all of a sudden it crashes? Anyone else get any crashes? If so, how much playing time do you have before a crash occurs?

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      • The Bloke says:

        The game does seem to suddenly crash. Often it seems to happen when a golem is on the screen, though not always.
        I’ve tried clearing cache and stuff, with no improvement.

        There could be a bug in my own version of flash player, if nobody else is experiencing these problems…?

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  2. homebrew_Ds says:

    i love this update no more waiting for the last bits of the army to come out!

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  3. kyle_kanotaki says:

    hey Jason,
    just one thing to say:
    cool final wave feature,
    but i dont rly get wat u mean…

    **jk idk wat im talking about**

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  4. homebrew_Ds says:

    have you thought of making your player able to generate a shield (like the mages)? the higher level of the skill the larger and or more durable the shield is. you can use the shield by firing the arrow at a specific place. you repair the shield with a certain arrow or use the same arrow. after X seconds the shield will die and or there can be a maximum amount of shields in the area. that would be very nice but it should be expensive to buy because shields would take the allies damage. just something I thought of while playing. keep up the good work!

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  5. jinxs2009 says:

    you need to make more arrows, or make the current ones better. im up to lvl 130 in your game am lvl 60, and have every arrow that i can get and their upgrades fully upgraded.

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  6. uryuu says:

    Hey Jason,You should make pikeman with helmet.

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  7. psirista says:

    Any chance we can get an in game FPS counter?

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  8. Jasper says:

    hey man, noticed a bug with your ninja

    when the ally ninja throws a dagger into a enemy with a helmit on if it hits the helmit it just flies into the sky cos it isnt affected by gravity. good for taking down dragons but not very realistic 😉

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  9. heavenarrow says:

    YEAH! FINALLY! THE FEELING OF ADRENALINE WILL BE PUT TO GOOD USE! Question, was this of your own doing or because there were so many people asking you to do it?

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    • Jason says:

      Ethril’s comment from last week kind of reminded me that I needed to do something about how the army would just keep showing up a few at a time towards the end and he suggested a final wave approach. I felt it was time to fix that issue. So see, I do respond to user comments :)

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  10. -paladin- says:

    hi jason,
    u should make some magic for the enemies’s mages
    like the summon skill !

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  11. heavenarrow says:

    When I got my first final wave and I saw all of the enemy units jumping I lost it and screamed. “THERE COMING OUT OF THE GOD DAMNED WALLS!

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  12. psirista says:

    Also could we get a mute button for the background music while the game loads?

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  13. John says:

    you could create a new skill for the dark, blood magic, it takes 50% of whatever health you have and converts it to magic when used, it would need a really big cool down though

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  14. keiran says:

    along the lines of boss fights and such, i find myself missing those giant trolls from the prelude. would it be possible to reintroduce them into the game? or something similar?

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  15. CCCode says:

    I found a small bug, in the skill shop window it says Advanced Soldier Training provides accsess to advanced fighting units which includes: Pikemen, wolves. But we can buy the wolves without having that skill.

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    • Jason says:

      Thanks for reminding me. I changed it to beast training for wolves. I had wolves before I had the beast training skill so I put it under Advanced Training. I’ll fix that.

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  16. RoarFury says:

    personally, i think everything, your own troops, enemy troops, bosses, heroes, should get more hp. this would take away some luck and bring back some skill.

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