Tell Me Where It Hurts Part 3: Security Checkpoints

This memory testing is quite the bug hunt. I’ve been testing between two computers and two browsers. I’ve been patting down every game object for illegal memory stashes. Offending code blocks are stripped and searched and sometimes even completely exterminated. Progress is being made little by little as I debug and optimize while innocent code is made to suffer inconvenient slow performing test operations.

It has been a tedious process but still productive. All this debugging has reacquainted me with some old code. Some of which I haven’t seen in months. It’s been nice getting back in touch. 😉

I still haven’t found that magic one-line-of-code that if fixed would solve all my problems…

/////////////////////// PAIN IN BEHIND BEGIN ///////////
// set to false before testing
public static var GAME_BUGGED:Boolean = true;
// set to 0 before posting
public static var MEMORY_LEAK_RATE_KBS:int = 1024;
/////////////////////// PAIN IN BEHIND END /////////////

9:45 PST – I finished coloring and formatting this series of devlog posts. That part about me "taking a break" mentioned above turned out to be an hour of devlog mayhem. The real break starts now.

9:46 PST – Okay, I’ll break for reals in a second but I think I just plugged another memory leak…


I’ve been having trouble with the pikemen so I have them fight to the death for my amusement. Actually, I don’t even watch the battle. I just work on other stuff and wait for my computer to come to a screeching halt due to flash consuming all of my resources. At the end of this night I looked over and saw that they were still duking it out AND my ram was still not completely ravaged. As you can see, there has been 323 level changes (levels last just a few seconds) and still no problems! Yay. I’ve decided to tell you this because I want to completely jinx my code. Or do I? Take that Karma. Or don’t not take it not. See if I do not don’t care not so much so not… Everyone stay real quiet… … … okay I think the it’s safe now. I need food.

10:00 PST (-8 GMT) Posting…devlog

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