the sleepy giant… (is not very reponconsive*)

2009-10-08 the sleepy giant… (is not very reponconsive*)

So I’ve been trying to cram as much summer activities into every last shred of daylight left nowadays so game development has been simmering on the back burner lately. However since my last post I’ve been incrementally working on new game modes for Bowmaster winter storm (yet to be released). The design is highly interchangeable so I’ve been having fun creating some interesting victory and defeat conditions… for example (hypothetical):

Mission: Fire Dragons Invade the Town!

You are victorious if you accomplish any of the following:
1. Kill All Fire Dragons
2. Destroy the Enemy Castle

You will be defeated if any of the following occur:
1. Your hero dies.
2. Three of the five escaping villagers are killed.
3. The refugee shelter is destroyed.

Here’s an example of how crazy and modular these conditions are…

Mission: Beat the Clock Jumpy Happy Land

You are victorious if you accomplish any of the following:
1. You jump 99 times.

You will be defeated if:
1. The game timer expires.
2. You die.
3. You use any weapon.

Disclaimer: This is just a hypothetical example and this exact level scenario will probably not be in the game (maybe in a separate challenge mode… oh cool idea jase).

So hopefully I’ll have more chances to work on game development in the near future. For now I have to make room in my apartment for the Epic Rocktober Birthday LAN Party that’s about to go down. Time to get rid of boxes and boxes of childhood memories in the form of old schoolwork papers, soccer and little league trophies, old PC Gamer magazines, empty N64 boxes etc… it’s so hard to say goodbye. I feel like I’m defragging my life… what sucks is that it doesn’t happen automatically overnight while I’m sleeping…. like a sleepy giant… (you thought Bowmaster WS was the giant… nope. it was me all along. How’s that for a plot twist?)

*responsive – a “happy word” according to that little “I’m a PC” girl that is a on the new windows7 commercials. Rockin’ slideshow. My favorite is the kitten in the sea of marshmallows. If you dvr’d the season premiere of House then look for that commercial. It’s hilarious. I watched that thing like five times.

Kylie’s Windows 7 Happy Words Ad

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