Bowmaster Winter Storm Beta Status Update

I’ve decided to focus on preparing the current build of Winter Storm for beta release. I still have quite a few homework assignments to complete before the beta is ready to play but stay tuned for updates. I will continue to support the current alpha release with critical bug fixes, but I’ve officially created a branch in development. The next major content revision will be Winter Storm Beta (version

So lately I’ve been spending some quality time with each and every game unit. Some units have been misbehaving, some have been severely malnourished and neglected, while others are clearly overpowered and have been picking on the other units.

I’m balancing and play testing each unit individually. I’ve been tweaking the AI a little here and there. I’ve even just added the ability to tell your catapult or trebuchet to move to a particular spot on the map. I may add this functionality to other types of units.

Once I’m done with the first round of unit balancing and AI tweaking I’ll move on to balancing the profile upgrade system.

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