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Here are two tech demos for some new features I’ve been working on for Bowmaster 2. The first is circle vs line segment collision detections. I know I talk a lot about collision detection but it’s not a simple topic. In this example I show how a line segment can intersect with a circle. Just drag the red and green dots around to see where the intersections occur. The code for this demo is useful for determining fast moving projectile collisions against circular objects.

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This next demo demonstrates a constant (stackable) "aura" effect.

Imagine a defensive boost aura similar to something found in World of Warcraft. All the party members within a certain proximity of the aura provider are given a bonus. In BM2 you might see "commander" or "elite" type units that give off auras that boost stats of allied units. You’ll likely want to take down these units first to make weaken the overall strength of the enemy army.

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