The unit AI and animation integration is coming along nicely. I’ve been running automated tests over night and have been pleased to see that the game continues to run nicely and the unit’s are staying smart :). The new game modes are working well too.

You may remember from my ninja demo a few weeks ago I showed new units jumping around the map. That was just a demo, but I successfully created a "ninja" test unit that acts pretty smart. It will jump towards an enemy until it is in range and then walk until it’s close enough to attack. When his health is below half, he will jump back in retreat until he has regained more than half of his health back. I also made it so that the ninja can only jump when he has enough energy (separate from health) so he can’t just jump all the time. This is just a test unit at the moment, but with my new Animation and AI architectures combined with my improved physics engine, I’m able to implement pretty cool AI behaviors fairly quickly.

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