This week I spent time working on the “multi-shot” arrow which works like the original BowMaster. Also I’ve been optimizing the code and fixing some bugs. I may post an update to the original Prelude to fix some of these minor issues.

I have been playing with new backgrounds and graphics. I made a multi-fire-arrow and cranked up the max arrows. I was in the desert scene and it looked really cool with ground littered with dancing flames. I might just feature something similar in the final release. Take a look at this exclusive screenshot.

prelude screen shot
prelude desert

With respect to the space game, I already have code developed for manually piloting the small fighter units. You can fly around with the WASD or arrow keys, shoot lasers and homing missiles. You can target enemies. I plan to have mines and flares too. Mines you can drop behind you and flares will distract enemy rockets that are fired at you. Currently the enemies only fire lasers dots.

And the last thing I worked on today before posting this was the ability to control the Medium sized ships turrets. I may post an updated version of the background demo so you can play with it. You can’t control the ship and where it flies, just where it shoots. It’s kind of fun just playing as the gunner, trying to take out the fast moving small ships as they whiz by. Kinda feels like being in the Millennium Falcon shooting down ties (in a more simplified 2D environment 😉

space game
fighter ship control

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