What is the DevLog? It’s shall be a journal for the progress of my current projects. I’m not sure how often I’ll update it, but the goal is to keep me in the habit frequently updating my site.

Lately I’ve been working on updates to BowMaster Prelude. I have a really great artist helping me with the project and the end result will be really special. I may release some new screenshots when I’m closer to release.

I’ve also been working on a space game on the side. I may release it relatively soon actually so stay tuned for that. I need to focus on BowMaster, but this space game is so much fun to program… I’ve never done a true “scrolling” game before so it’s been an interesting challenge.

Back to BowMaster… I watched the Movie 300 again this weekend (probably the last weekend it’s on the big screen, now that Spider Man’s here). That movie made me want to make a Spartan-like unit with Phalanx squad AI (of some sort). I love how they alternated attacks between blocking and spear thrusting. We’ll see.

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